Robertmaxrees: I’m devving.

Lascola: Https://

Gress: Blik71 use .on’click’, function {};

Quiggle: And no need for a plugin here.

Hammer: Also, it’s .addCl***’activated’; – no period in front.

Everton: Blik71:

Tremain: Woops – meant to do

Stange: Ahhh thank you, so u need the ‘.’ syntax where exactly, because I think thats what was confusing me, because I tried something like that earlier

Furuyama: When selecting elements via cl***name.

Belkin: But you aren’t selecting anything when you use addCl***

Nogle: But addCl*** just wants a string – $’.someThing’.addCl***’cl***Name’;

Echavarria: Ahh okay thank you :D!

Riebau: Also real quick is there any way to resize a pop window in order to fit the content?

Mcateer: Odd question maybe but is it a good idea to load js script only when you need them ? like after a login ?

Kazmorck: Depends on how you want to do it and what your needs are.

Kraig: I’d try to concatenate things and load them that way instead.

Stuckmeyer: Yeah I get some issues with that same timepicker when my script is not finshed yet it comes back on the page after the submit. but my datepicker is still loaded as first

Minns: That sentence doesn’t make sense.

Lovvorn: That’s why i’m confused.

Veillon: Robertmaxrees: what don’t you get ?

Condie: I just post to the same /

Lempe: So, I load my page, no issue

Vetterkind: I post to this same page and than it gets the datepicker error on 4 fields I see

Corrick: How are you loading the datepickers?

Lohman: Using a js file and on top of it init that function

Dretzka: You’re not giving me nearly enough information right now – try sharing your code

Cavanagh: Oh, now you are asking me something :

Kuberski: Yeah it’s 2000 lines this library, don’t wanna do that for you

Macklem: I don’t want the whole thing.

Piskel: Just the specifics relevant to what you’re doing.

Schutzenhofer: Robertmaxrees: just posting to this page, nothing more

Weatherwax: No idea what your js looks like so i can’t really help.

Schultz: Hehe, no you can’t I know, just collaborating, it keeps loading and loading and that datepicker error comes by multiple times after the submit :S

Welling: Sounds like you’re not loading the datepicker lib then.

Jawad: Robertmaxrees: I am :

Hetzel: How do i detect if a collection of divs is hidden or not?

Guillette: Robertmaxrees: is it possible for you to see how i can make this json which is pickedup by my script ?

Lavender: Yes the secipt p****s an error message like that

Chock: YamakasY not making sense again.

Valek: Es0teric $”:visible”;

Vila: Robertmaxrees would i just get that collection first

Glodich: Then check if is visible?

Barkley: Es0teric huh? do you want to know if all elements in a collection are visible?

Ploetz: Robertmaxrees well i am trying to check if one of the elements are visible in the collection

Vonderahe: So you want to know if ANY are visible?

Abar: Http://

Creamer: Robertmaxrees: yes yes ye s! I’m getting somewhere šŸ˜€

Janeczek: Es0teric so use .is’:visible’

Obhof: YamakasY are you doing something with ajax?

Matchette: Gotcha, thanks robertmaxrees

Matrone: Robertmaxrees: I’m devving something agains master great devved stuff, but I’m more the basic programmer if needed and do all the cluster config šŸ˜€