Argrow: got picture of.

Leedom: Say i’m on /contact/

Saragosa: I want all anchors to /contacts/ to be underlined

Kander: Add an id to the body on /contact/

Trilling: Is this possible without javascript?

Kotrba: And target the id then selector?

Scarpato: You can target elements based on href attribute

Morua: Hlvwrk: in this case i can’t easily add an id to each and every page

Swartzfager: Scarpato that won’t look for the page you’re on. it’ll just style hrefs with that url ;p

Heiler: Eightfold, than your only other option is js.

Townsell: Hlvwrk: easily achievable without jquery?

Reial: I have been fooling around with templates so much lately, I have honestly forgot a lot of fundamentals of css. Forgive my silly questions but. on this page: why is my container element displaying the way it is in dev tools with no height, and backgrond not showing, etc

Lendt: Don’t want those extra kb

Searing: Jquery is tiny. but it’s not hard to do with JS.

Shimp: Or if you have PHP on the server.

Hershkop: Just do something like: body id=”page-?= basename$_SERVER’PHP_SELF’, “.php”?”

Pacius: Which will dynamically add an id to the body on all pages. with the filename without extension

Reial: You can do this with js though

Reial: Or i guess in vanila js

Reial: Can someone answer my stupid css question?

Kennie: Let’s keep the js chat in a relevant channel

Scarpato: Reial: because .one-third is floated

Scarpato: Therefore the parent has no height

Callahan: That’s jQuery Reial ;p

Godlove: Reial, Contain floats: ::

Braseth: How can I cycle images on hover? what I mean is this, but css only

Reial: Hlvwrk, i showed a vanilla js exampl too that should give the same result

Tooley: Reial: why is style in body?

Borrigo: Is that possible to do css only?

Reial: Becaues its just a bull**** page

Falasco: Oh yeah, you need to clear your floats

Reial: Ive spent the last 3 months doing nothing but backend design and ive honestly went retarded with css

Kea: Clear your floats so your container gets some height

Daubendiek: Zagaza, here is a fiddle if I p****d well what you wanted :

Murany: Daubendiek: I like the flash there, but how would you stack them into one piece, and make them flash cycle when hovering another element? say a link element or something

Macauley: Reial, Resources to help you get started:

Reial: Haha i hope to think I dont need that, I just need my brain jump started again

Daubendiek: Zagaza, give me a few mins.

Joss: Reial: the float is “outside” of .container, and .container has no height, so is really just a flat-line per se, thus you can’t see the background-color set, and its children, the float, is not providing any height either, because is “bleeding out” from it

Kirchhoff: Reial:

Belsheim: Reial: you could just set overflow: auto; on .container, to contain the floated children

Reial: Is this pretty tpyical?

Reial: Generally arent container elements not floated

Reial: Well, the site wrappers

Highberger: Eightfold: there’s no css solution for what you’re after btw, though easily done with js, or server sided

Reial: Because they are centered?

Kennie: Reial: please just read the ‘contain floats’ articles I gave you just before

Fissori: Argrow: got picture of what you’re after? floats aren’t a panacea, neither is flexbox