Not working for me.

Mcglinn: Just use $’#priceLeft’

Skyles: Jhave: also don’t add space at the beginning and end of the selector

Inguardsen: I look like i have found my first fail :

Isola: But the value need to be posted in #priceRight.h3 as valuekr

Bryand: Ah, you want the h3 child

Verunza: Jhave: have you read about css seletors?

Sandino: So $’#priceLeft.h3′ should be $’#priceLeft h3′

Fischman: And as ids are unique that makes no sense

Falah: Css selectors read from right to left

Fontanini: Hmm its dont like to work :

Loguidice: Its need to work when a user change the dropdowns its calculate on new and change the value for H3 to value+kr

Donkervoet: Well then i recommend adding a separate span for the value

Margan: Meaning change h30ok/h3 to h3span0/spankr/h3

Heuberger: Then you just change the selector to ‘#priceLeft h3 span’

Sadolsky: Cork, do its not calculate correct now ?

Kloc: I have updated the script

Dudack: Http://

Petzoldt: Jhave: well if you’re calculating correctly is more then i can say

Barmettler: Jhave: ah, another thing

Guelespe: You shouldn’t use option:selected in the value selectors

Schriver: You want the .val of the select element

Bjorkquist: Var q = 1,2,3,4; q0.remove; and i got typeerror why ?

Palleschi: Jhave:

Urbain: Km4: cause arrays doesn’t have a method “remove”

Duffy: If you want to remove the first element in the list you use .shift

Pezez: Well splice is if you want to manage elements further in the list

Jumper: But .shift/.pop is preferable if they do what you want

Bjorkquist: I will remove this elem

Wangberg: Its numbers in an array

Rudduck: Isnt it called elements

Schreck: Decx: based on earlier questions i suspect he is mixing things up again

Bjorkquist: Ok how i must use if i need remove only 3 or 2 numbers ?

Spinuzzi: Km4: make a code example of what you want to do

Grix: Does jquery UI includes jquery core?

Bursell: So I have to include both of them?

Dowless: Javascript libs should never include there dependencies

Bickle: Cause then you get conflict if the page need to use that lib separately

Spare: Jquery: if a lib, like ex jquery-ui included jquery “core” you would have to use the version of jquery.js it included

Covarrubia: If you had something that depended on an older version you would be *****ed

Hoit: So, a lib should never include its dependencies, it should require that you included them, in what ever way “you” as the site administrator want

Dennie: So that is why jquery ui does not include jquery core.

Kenderdine: Does jquery ui support IE8 ?

Bernbeck: Whats new in 2.x compared to 1.x ?

Gessel: Some code clean up, some optimization doable cause ie9 is dropped

Luzania: And some features not possible in ie9 like errors for jsonp calls

Crape: But they are meant to be feature compatible

Zeitz: 1.9+ and 2.0+ is meant to have the same features

Tisa: Meaning 1.9 and 2.0, 1.10 and 2.1 and so on

Bjorkquist: Guys

Rubow: 3.0 is meant to be a large rewrite from what i’ve seen

Vinz: Cork: thanks, good day bye

Bjorkquist: I will remove popup in categories

Alalem: Km4:

Bjorkquist: Not working for me ;P