Pneruda: troll question.

Flor: Falafel_: I’d say definitely.

Flor: Falafel_: I see Ember is another alternative

Flor: Maybe I should just go Angular.

Flor: Google trends suggest it’s becoming more popular too.

Flor: Yeah I’m going with Angular.

Helowicz: Lol go with angular. It’s kind of a loaded project spec honestly. In my opinion he’s just an angular fan who can’t separate out things that are necessary and things that aren’t. So just says angular is necessary

Flor: Should I use Angular 1 or 2?

Abbed: For anyone that knows meteor, based on this code, is there any reason why I am not getting the list of Categories populated, even though the browser console shows 6 when I type Categories.find.count?

Stange: Heya, a question, i got an element which got a mouseover event

Anslow: Can i somehow simulate that mouseover effect.?

Trahin: With something like element.hoverIt;

Werkheiser: Can anyone think of a way to optimize this?

Campisi: Werkheiser, why this model = Object.createmodel?

Werkheiser: Falafel_: so that the property values are not reused

Werkheiser: Though I think I’ll remove it

Werkheiser: Since I think I’ll only have primitive values

Locknane: Werkheiser, then you can probably replace that whole thing with Object.***ignthis, this.defaults, model

Edmeier: Or rather this.defaults

Werkheiser: Falafel_: its a bit faster now thanks

Manthe: For lack of a more suitable channel: when working with kendo UI templates, the syntax expands #= value # to the literal text of value, while #: value # will be expanded to the html-encoded text of value. i was wondering if the html-encoding syntax can also be used if html attributes as opposed to innerHTML of html nodes are ***igned by templates, or do i need an entirely different encoding for that?

Braunberger: Meta name=”author” content=”Cristiano” and meta http-equiv=”author” content=”Cristiano” whats the difference?

Werkheiser: I wonder if I should spread out tile generation over multiple frames

Heupel: Needs a hasOwnProperty check as well

Pong: If you run a website in an iframe is it possible to change things on the site you “iframing” via JS

Tiemann: Like labels for example

Sagayaga: Macaveli: it’s possible, but there are limitations with domains

Sagayaga: Macaveli: similar to the limitations with XMLHttpRequest

Leuhring: Have an articble about that zomg

Gerrero: Zomg: HTTP access control CORS – HTTP MDN

Sagayaga: That will probably explain it

Sambrook: Is it possible to use automatic reload features e.g. with pm2 when using a transpiler like traceur/JSX?

Aloi: I have a question about Array#Some

Charon: Recently i stumbled upon a very simple “scroll-to-top” JS tool somewhere on Github, but i lost it. it was similar to this: — the tool i am looking for was very similar, but developed in 2015. anyone recalls this?

Homann: Is ES6 supported in browsers ?

Bloomgren: If i have a big array of object literals, how can i export? the object or a value of that object outside of the callback function?

Migl: I got it! it was Elevator :

Nydick: Like: {“name”: “foobar”, “time”: 1234567}, {etc.}, if i operate .some on this, to find out if the condition i have is true, how can i get the value back somehow?

Debaecke: So i can work with it outside the callback function

Suttin: Unless you add an external variable

Magette: What´s the difference between javascript and java?

Seda: Pneruda: troll question?