Is it showing you on the.

Casa: Now i am trying to add a repeat functions so it will run that function 3 times

Casa: Thats is what is in the js fiddle i put up

Casa: Http://

Harteau: Are you running it 3x or 10?

Devone: Http://

Casa: I am running the 10 words 3 times

Casa: I am trying to run all 10 divs 3 times each

Casa: Oh i just changed the if count

Casa: And now it will do it 30 times

Casa: But i dont know if it will do all word 3 times or not

Wydryck: How can I get have certain elements fadeIn after getting results of post? for example I put the results of post request into a div how do I have certain items fade in?

Brezinka: Casa:

Mikelsen: J75, got an example/got snippet

Jonsson: Guessx

Janelle: J75: you would have to convert data to a dom tree and then hide the elements you want to animate

Sprang: J75: and then trigger the effect you want on those elements

Hiner: Thanks Cork! this is helpful

Milian: Would I trigger the effect inside my post function ?

Casa: Http://

Casa: Guessx this is the last thing i am trying to do

Casa: Thank you so much for the help

Casa: Trying to add that function to move the divs around the screen

Casa: Http://

Casa: That is where i got it from

Cassilano: Cork any good links or resources for converting to dom tree ?

Madnick: J75: var elms = $$.p****HTMLdata;

Robella: J75: parsing to dom is what you’re doing with .html, you just need to store it in a variable first

Lincicum: So you can modify the content

Pacey: Casa, replace randomnumber with someObjSOMENUMBERHERE as i put all the div ids into that array

Mercuri: Cork: thanks a bunch!

Casa: Now i am getting an error saying moveDiv is not a function

Casa: Http://

Casa: Guessx i am getting moveDiv is not a function

Casa: The sign to get the ID of the div

Nesbit: Seems like an element with an wmpty string for an id

Casa: Like echo ‘#’. $variable ;

Casa: Http://

Casa: Thats all of the code

Butteris: Cork: why $$.p****HTMLdata instead of just $.p****HTMLdata

Adickes: J75: cause $.p****HTML return a pure dom fragment, and you normally want jquery wrapping it to modify it

Casa: Http://

Creer: So I just loop over the elements?

Idrovo: J75: you don’t need to loop

Scobee: Elms.find’li’.css{} for example should do all you need

Margison: Depending on how you plan on hiding them

Ellermann: Https://

Masztal: J75: .hide sets display: none, and css3 transition can’t animate that

Ursua: Casa: $”#”.someObject’key’ make no sense to me shoudn’t it be $”#” + someObject’key’?

Hohenbrink: Filip: it should be i changed it back

Casa: Guessx thats not moving the divs they are still displaying in the middle of the screen

Casa: That must be something in my css ?

Kinikini: What is the best way to redraw a canvas when it’s sibling tag is hovered

Winegardner: StrayArch: there is basically only one, bind a hover event on the sibling

Jethva: Or mouseenter for jquery

Casa: Is it showing you on the jsfiddle that it is moving ?