Gull, amazing talk, thank.

Patchell: Though they’re not going to be used much in platform implementation, since different OSes have different interfaces with better performance epoll in Linux, /dev/kevent or something in BSD, .

Gull: Harju: okay, but that’s not the way it’s done in Node or in a browser

Harju: Also, Gull and dash, since you two seem pretty knowledgeable but anyone else is welcome to respond, can you verify if this is a good explanation of promises? It seems good to be but I don’t want to be getting bad info:

Gull: Yeah, that’s good, except it misses that $.ajax returns a promise :-

Bosowski: If you dont know, Harju, $.ajax is a jquery thing

Harju: I know ajax is for asynchronous javascript and xylophones

Picart: Understanding the call stack is like playing magic the gathering

Harju: Also, $ is jquery right?

Harju: Oh please I’ve been playing mtg since onslaught

Haggin: Ajax is also for bathroom fixtures

Liptrap: Games, except the perpetual virginity issue.,

Gearing: Harju: blocking socket APIs were a mistake made in the 70s before high-level languages were invented

Catacutan: Onslaught huh? been playing since 7th son

Streu: Think i beat you by 2

Gearing: It’s a pity they’re still supported

Harju: Kek yeah Games they’re close together

Fritcher: Does anyone else learn by learning more than one thing at once?

Femat: I’m subject to preemptive multilearning, yes.

Gromer: If I try to learn one thing at a time, none of it sticks and i run into walls where i feel both disinterest and marginal returns anyway

Payes: So it seems like to stoke interest i move from thing to thing in loops

Lieber: I have a a and canvas as siblings, what is the best way to redraw the canvas when the a is hovered

Hamiter: I’m not saying that i actually learn any faster that way than anyone else, i don’t think i do, but it seems to be the only way that i can actually learn at all

Gull: Games: are the things linked?

Harbolt: Gull, to me, they always are yes

Mims: But that may be another way my mind works

Gull: E.g. learning how a graphics lib works as you’re writing a game

Angelica: Harju: I dont think anyone answered; $ is basically always Jquer

Gull: You’re learning in context, seeing the practical reasons for why things are the way they are

Foell: Well like right now i’m learning more react, more js, but still dependent on jquery for a lot of things, and working more and more with node, but learning golang and C in short sprints

Harju: Giraffe_: Ok cool so I don’t need to install a library for promises, I can just use jquery not that I’ve used it much before

Fairy: I recommend learning vanilla before jquery

Harju: I know a lot of vanilla

Gull: Harju: note that the way jquery does its promises is not quite the same way other libraries do

Commer: Gull, it is why rails was really difficult for me, it was almost unappreciated that i wanted to know what the “magic” was doing behind the scenes

Hiltner: Because i absolutely could not understand how to use the magic out of the context of what it was doing

Stanely: I should make a library called vanilla

Scandrett: GreenDog, it’d just be console.log”Now you know you’re legit.”;

Biehle: Nah, i’d want ie8 compatability too

Gull: Https://

Metevier: Wow I didn’t know about that setTimeout 0 thing

Camilli: I know about it but i’m so in the habit of using ,1 that I still use that a lot . grrr.but hey, my boss uses ,5 and ,10, so, whatevs

Herschel: Got into the ,1 habit long before i knew about ,0.

Meylor: Gull, amazing talk, thank you