Im using the bootstrap.

Silva: It’s admin side, shouldn’t be a problem

Gogins: It is good cause it makes the url what it is meant to be the reprecentation of what you see

Fritcher: Cork: perhaps, but typically dashboards/admins with logins usually have such values stored somewhere

Baulch: Nxplus: stored server side you mean?

Cutrona: Hmm, so lets say I’m creating hidden form named show_hidden with default value set to 0. I’m using that thing to manipulate param in URL to change value to 1. Thats right?

Gabrysch: Cause if you store it in the browser the data gets lost if they go to another browser

Bounleut: Len: make the hiding dependent on the get parameter

Barreira: So if they reload the url the form is still visible

Ilarraza: Then you show it with js, and modify the url no reload needed

Gallese: Cork: if using logins with user configurations, then naturally stored on the server yes,

Hlastala: It’s just simple hidden part of form

Furnace: Nxplus: can’t say i’ve seen any cms system or the likes that has a table with what widgets they have visible/hidden

Ganga: No server side state needed imo

Rainier: Thanks for pointing me to good path Cork :

Theden: Np, i use it my self quite a bit so :

Vallas: Well it’s the only way to persist the configuration to other machines so.

Kirkling: Len: btw for the params window.location.href.replace/?.*/,” + $.param{ form: ‘hidden’ }

Leonides: Nxplus: storing it server side has the problem that it makes it impossible to have different states in different tabs

Thurber: And other machines is mostly for if they share a link

Standerwick: Cork: params might be the best with this case, I was just sharing ideas of persisting configuration in general many systems depend on storing with tables

Meluso: So it might have been a bit out of scope

Lobendahn: Nxplus: it depends a lot on what the setting is

Seivert: But ya, for some settings sure, i do that too

Canavan: The state of widgets in the page though, no

Elsken: Or values in searches

Tosto: You are most certainly correct with that yes

Ezdebski: I’m having some trouble making some jquery script work

Denick: Currently the script is just

Seek: JQuery do***ent .on ‘click’, ‘.upload_url_list_button’, function {console.log”test”;}

Petko: With the form form method=”post” input id=”upload_url_list” name=”upload_url_list” cl***=”upload_url_list_button button” type=”button” value=”Upload Image” name=”submit”/form

Steever: But nothing doing, it just won’t execute it

Giovino: I also tried with jQueryfunctionjQuery { jQuery’.upload_url_list_button’.clickfunction { ., but no different result

Mosho: Slereah : I believe you shouldn’t post code here directly.

Larger: The script is loaded, but it doesn’t work

Lindley: I usually use pastebin, but is it important if it’s ust one line?

Lacina: Anyway, not sure why it just won’t execute it

Doran: The form is in an iframe, could that be important?

Wamsley: Guys will .attr be supported in 1.9+ ?

Asman: Uhm they are both supported. and they do different things

Pomerleau: Oh ok so than some people use it wrong it seems

Asman: That’s always a given

Ebling: Slereah : im not following, I do get “test” in the console. see

Madara: There’s a whole lot of wordpress around it, not sure what part of it poses problem

Bowhall: I have other forms that work out okay within it, though

Latona: The form is within an iframe, so I’m thinking that might be the problem, but i don’t have a clue

Doxtater: Im using the bootstrap modals, what kind of event would i need to run some code if a user closes a modal?