Nxplus: the scale of the.

Calumag: If I append a new element to the DOM, is there a delay in the browser creating that element? So much that a selector after the insertion would select nothing in very slow browsers?

Kaluna: Well one way to do it would be to use websocket, and when the connection gets lost you remove the references

Brumit: Strittmatter: alternatively you could have a timer for the reservation and clear it after a “while”

Palevic: Strittmatter: the unload events are a common vektor for user attacks so browsers are talking about disabling the event

Emmett: So depending on the different unload events is not future safe

Dimpfl: Calumag: javascript won’t execute until the browser has added the element

Haataja: Wow what am I missing

Ruman: Hmm ok yeah we have the after a while solution now but in some cases it’s not good enough

Calumag: Cork, Damn. A set back in debugging my code then.

Meury: Https://www.pastery.net/kzbuhh/

Veksler: Strittmatter: the websocket solution is a possibility though

Kuca: When I scale to mobile from desktop it works, when I close the mobile menu with the trigger and I scale again to the desktop my menu is gone ‘display none’ for some reason

Trider: Yeah i’ll look in to it

Zeuner: You can get VERY good reference to what the visitors do with it

Kapp: I tried adding a resize handler if window width is large then 750 . then show menu but still no success

Nunn: We use it here and heck could use it for visitor pattern ****yzis :

Rinkel: Duikb00t: a bit too little context

Standrod: What resize handle and what isn’t working?

Polka: I could send you a link in private if that’s ok for you?

Tebo: Its something really stupid im missing

Zinck: I suspect it might be that you’re hiding it with media queries and when you show it the media query still win

Goettig: And no i can’t take time off to look through a page someone else might

Dahlstrom: Klender: https://jsfiddle.net/6rv9bzcq/12/

Voller: Klender, did you notice my answer?

Schad: Some fullpage.js users?

Bentsen: Duikb00t : what’s the issue?

Matturro: Only 3 ‘sections’ are scrollable :p

Pesarchick: Https://www.pastery.net/wnssqn/

Larose: Lol seems to be fixed

Manquero: Is there a way to adust the heights? It seems that the ‘full page’ scrolling thing is not doing it for 100% the previous slide is being shown as well.

Betha: Would it be possible to post a jsfiddle?

Laughead: Very hard :s I can send a demo in a private link?

Gundersen: Sure, as long as I can see the height issue myself

Bullinger: Guys, hown can I keep div hidden/shown by some button after refreshing page? It’s simple form with “Show hidden fields”, after that I would like to keep my div open/hidden after page refresh

Ricketson: Right now I’m using simple button type=”button” cl***=”btn btn-info” data-toggle=”collapse” data-target=”#additional_search”Show all fields/button

Huizar: Is using cookies or localstorage an option?

Volino: Nxplus: hmm good idea, but I was rather thinking about p***ing some parm in URI

Chaffer: Len: ya, you can use navigator.history.pushState

Aronstein: And i would prob go that way, makes it easy for them to share the link and still show what they’re talking about

Bonnenfant: Mhm, gotta find some example

Lagreca: Alternatively you can use replaceState if you don’t want to add an extra entry in the history

Nuzzi: Len: it is quite simple navigator.history.replaceState””, {}, url

Meier: For a large scale app I wouldn’t depend on url params for such a thing. but it may be enough in your case

Winckler: Nxplus: the scale of the app doesn’t matter actually