Cork: Urgh that will be.

Abrahamson: Hi guys. Can anyone tell me why this little peace of code is not working?:

Carmella: I’m trying to p*** the event-object to my method, but get the error: “SyntaxError: missing after element list”

Buchetto: JosefDe: you don’t have a body

Buchetto: And there are syntax errors

Yuste: Phiz: What do you mean with “don’t have a body”? I am referencing to the function “button1clicked”, which has a body

Buchetto: Https://

Buchetto: Well you don’t have a body in your example

Buchetto: So you can’t use the body selector

Udicious: Phiz: Your suggestion isn’t appliable to my problem. I intentionally are trying to execute with “new Function”

Haub: Phiz: So I’m trying to dynamically call the function

Decius: Phiz: What do you mean with “body”?

Buchetto: You have no body tag in your html.

Buchetto: So jQuery”body” will not match anything

Buchetto: Ok, must be the other syntax that is messing it up then

Buchetto: Http:// is his code

Barham: Voodo: Hi. The problem is, that I’m trying to p*** an event “object” to the dynamically called function

Correiro: Voodo: But then I get this error: “SyntaxError: missing after element list”

Silha: Only if I p*** a simple type like string as parameter, I don’t get any error

Ruffins: You use clickEvent as string

Ras: Lamberson: I’m only trying to p*** my event to my function.

Winterbottom: Lamberson: I also tried doing JSON.stringify and then JSON.p**** on my event-object, but that leads to other errors

Hedrington: Hehe dunno if you can help me but it’s worth asking c: problem with . there I injected jquery via the console and want to send a message via it. I tried $’textarea’.val’test’; and it writes it into the textarea. That’s working but the “Send” button doesn’t get unlocked which means I can’t send anything. When I manually unlock it via disable=false then its still not clickable

Ehly: Isn’t it possible to p*** an event-object to “new Function”?

Sanford: Lyze: $’textarea’.trigger’change’

Ferre: JosefDe: you mean scope inherit the event object?

Hoshino: Both triggers don’t work

Devaughan: Cork: What do you mean?

Nemitz: Https://

Suero: Cork: do you remember the nodes0.node.field_x thing the other day?

Bado: Lyze: hmm you could also try trigger’input’ and trigger’keydown’

Barbarin: JosefDe: what do you mean by “p*** an event-object”

Gower: Lyze: then you have to check what event handler the page uses

Shives: Hurry: if you have a question just ask it

Biggio: Cork: he means myFunctionclickEvent;

Goza: Lamberson: Wow. Let me try that

Emison: Cork: data-bind=”value: messageBody, event: { keypress: handleKeyPress, keydown: handleKeyDown, input: handleInput, focus: onFocus, blur: onBlur, paste: onPaste }”

Perro: Cork: I don’t know what data-binds are … can’t find information’s about them on google . but I guess that’s why nothing works

Scarcia: JosefDe, Lamberson: why on earth are you using new Function?

Mckeand: Hehe thats the part I did not get yet.

Koong: Lyze: uhh, a google field huh?

Goyda: Lyze: looks like you need to trigger keypress, keydown, input, focus and blur

Gompert: You would have to check each of those functions and check what they expect

Isales: And trigger there events with the correct values

Toyota: JosefDe: could you explain why you need this?

Scollard: JosefDe: you normally should avoid eval if you don’t absolute need it

Penunuri: Https:// — I have this. how do I get all instances or field_fotograflar.src? run a loop?

Lorenson: Cork: Urgh that will be funny . /s