You couldnt do this in.

Straight: You can *mutate* it. not *replace* it.

Straight: Also, mutation is awful, don’t do that.

Zele: And instanceof Object is definitely what I want in this case. Except if i get something like new String’foo’ but I won’t

Straight: Sadtaco: mutation makes code harder to reason about, test, and maintain.

Simkowitz: Construct a new object you mean? But why?

Straight: Sadtaco: foo && typeof foo === ‘object’ – never use instanceof.

Snethen: Also Straight, could you take a look at my problem?: problem with . there I injected jquery via the console and want to send a message via it. I tried $’textarea’.val’test’; and it writes it into the textarea. That’s working but the “Send” button doesn’t get unlocked which means I can’t send anything. When I manually unlock it via disable=false then its still not clickable

Straight: Instanceof isn’t reliable across realms anyways.

Piszczek: It’s a last step before emitting data for the client in a format. Stripping down an object to only be client nessisary information

Straight: Sadtaco: that doesn’t make mutation “fine”. you can do what you want without any mutation

Straight: Lyze: you’d have to know how their code works. it’s usually not worth it trying to script someone else’s site.

Tsantakis: By creating a new object with the appropriate data?

Volk: Straight: ok ill look at it

Antrim: I’m doing that actually. But it starts with some extras.

Straight: What do you mean “extras”

Arcia: B Symbol instanceof Symbol

Hinson: Like emit{foo:’bar’, gameobject: gameobject}; gameobject has a lot of extra stuff that the client should never know and it needs to be the result of gameobject.getProperties instead

Bolnick: Heh heh thanks for evaluating, but that’s kina interesting

Vidinha: Straight: Yes I know but I’m currently in need to automate the skype client . and I’m currently running a hacky program which basically blocks my server it reads from the internal database and writes it via keyboard simulation into the native skype client. Wanted to change that with the website of them and to simply p**** the website so I can do something else in the meantime the program runs on the server

Catoe: Which creates a new object with just the “public” data

Greenan: B Symbol instanceof Symbol

Volk: Straight: i am using jsonp to avoid cors issues with my couchbase box

Willrich: B Symbol instanceof Symbol

Gorecki: Well-known symbols, well are they are really well known, heh heh

Ginnetti: Https:// ; reducers.js ; how does the function postsByReddit work

Bordas: Hope everyone is smashing code.

Petkus: So i have an long alert and i want use it in through variable, but whenever i put into variable, it is executed. i can i stop execution of the alert

Ginnetti: Has someone got a guide for promises and async stuff in js

Ginnetti: Im coming from a py background

Ginnetti: I dont understand this callback thing so well

Podgurski: Ginnetti: the best way to learn is by doing when it comes to callbacks

Ginnetti: S/callbacks/most things/

Podgurski: I think the confusing thing for me was anonymous functions

Podgurski: MyFunction = function { yolo }

Podgurski: So now we have a function called “myFunction

Panahon: And now we have a number called bob.

Podgurski: Wait, i messed that up -_-

Podgurski: MyFunction = function yolo { console.logMath.random; yolo }

Podgurski: Ok, so, myFunction is a function that will print a random number to the console

Podgurski: And then try and run the function yolo – but we havent defined yolo anywhere

Podgurski: You couldnt do this in Python