Baako: then you shouldn’t.

Esquivel: I use

Railing: I need change input onclick value after slide

Connarton: How to get the value selected in this jquery slider !?

Cancro: Sharax:

Paulseth: Or for multi handle sliders

Petticrew: Uhkis, so how will i get those values please

Weingart: I have looked at the event listner and cant find it

Faull: Baako: you would have to select the element

Huddleson: Is it possible to empty a cache with this.cacheidentifier ?

Oshiro: I mean it’s set like that so I need to empty that one

Sayman: Using $window.location.href – if I want to p*** a variable in the url which is a string, should i encode it first or serialize or similar?

Mudget: I suppose you mean escapequery_string.

Nordgren: Tuite: thanks that worked

Dalpiaz: Harry1: also if you want a to generate a key value pair in the string i recommend using $.param{}

Ruzicki: Meaning instead of doing url + ‘?key=’ + value + ‘&key2=’ + value2

Flippin: Just do url + ‘?’ + $.param{ key: value, key2: value2 }

Balaban: Morning. I funny question arrived to my head if this is ok in English. Will I be able to get orange color from red and yellow if I’ll be using them alternately. And well, I can’t, here is my code: current lcd have 60hz right? here I change the color every ~1 ms, so why can’t I get orange?

Mcnee: Here is a working code:

Carberry: Konrados: no you would have to set them on different elements

Donne: When you set one color the other one will be replaced

Bevly: Cork I know, this is what I *wanted* to achieve.

Mixson: Have you seen this: – I want orange

Valladao: Konrados:

Westmoreland: And for orange

Asman: Konrados: also your setInterval timings are too slow, see it’s kinda brown ;S

Maloff: Also don’t use setInterval for things like this

Duty: User requestAnimationFrame

Pando: Cork thanks, I know I could do this, but I wanted to trick my eyes : but thanks for the requestAnimationFrame I’ll read about it.

Deltufo: SetInterval will **** the life out of the users computer for no good reason

Holden: Https://

Armentor: Shoky thanks, but it doesn’t work on my monitor :

Asman: Good thing you don’t have a good reason to do it, then ;

Heidtke: Thanks Cork, I didn’t know about requestAnimationFrame

Stukowski: Konrados: also

Lajoie: Cork, apart from the on”submit” what else can i use. i cant use the submit in my application because its a one page app and what happens is that it refresh the page which i dont want it to do

Encallado: Baako: just do event.preventDefault in the submit event

Petton: You SHOULD use submit

Magers: Else you will give broken experience for ppl

Zeckzer: Cork, even with e.preventDefault; it still reload the page

Pawley: Then the event handler isn’t finding the form

Qualle: Cork. cool o_o that’s what I meant :

Quilty: Baako: if the form is added after you bind the event handler it won’t find the element

Sisto: Baako: then you need to use delegated event handlers

Reiner: Cork, the form is defo added before the event handler

Bullis: Baako: then you shouldn’t get the problem you describe