Because this is probably.

Pappan: Decx: repeats if you were talking to me?

Goldberger: Doesnt look like it repeats

Imbach: Arc_: ahhh. yes. or moresos one? One piece of text should be orange at a time

Goldberger: I’d just have css animation rules for each of those elements

Benshoof: Decx: correct. like i said, its terrible hacky non-looping code, i have the triangle rotating back to 0deg with a 0sec transition

Goldberger: Or a real svg animation

Lindwall: Decx: i looked into doing SVG animation tried Adobe Animate & Flash and found it a terrible headache – some method / tool you’d reccomend?

Kanas: I’ve looked into canvas too. Same problem

Goldberger: What you do in velocity already

Hartung: Hi decx! remember me?

Feron: Decx: css animations with big delays for the text toggles?

Hartung: You created a canvas sample

Sahr: Decx: I looked into that for a bit, ended up trying to do keyframe animations with staggered animation delays

Torian: Ie nth-child2 animation-delay: 5000

Marchak: Decx: I can’t particularly remember why I gave up on that, was like 3 am – you think CSS Animations would be the way to go for this?

Tanikella: Decx: still feel **** having to somewhat hack the positions of the text to match up – have a suspicion svg or canvas is technically what I should be doing but seems like so much overhead.

Highfield: Is there some kind of regex to exclude all wording except random number/letter generators? I’m trying to block all pages except anything coming in with /event/a8b8asd91239asd9ad9dasd

Goldberger: Sjclark: just make a png spritesheet, it’s justa few lines so it’ll be pretty efficient

Goldberger: And you have greater creative control over your animation

Goldberger: With css animation it WOULD be pretty lame on further review

Goldberger: For canvas you’d have to be familiar with canvas itself, but with an elegant function you could do it in a few lines

Dura: I cant run jQuery code in COnsole

Gebert: TypeError: jQuery is undefined

Canella: I tried jQuery.noConflict

Flatau: Maybe this:

Muhl: Ou42, you’ve read that I’m unable to use $ because it throws an undefined error?

Delongis: The $ is undefined or what you’re trying to access?

Hartung: Decx friend are you there? i need a advice

Hartung: I am try:

Prioletti: How do you move DataTables controlls ie paginating, filter etc to a specific div using jquery? I tried appending the result_wrapper but it gives error if i reload the table.

Hobler: Hi guys. usign jquery how do i get the value in data-formname and data-id as well has the data-cvv and also the data-saved-card-id

Vannostrand: The thing is none of them element names is unique and i need to get those for the related accordion if that makes sense

Bernos: So when you click on “place my order” it should get those information

Boucaud: I have tried this

Valadez: But no lock. i do not want to post the form because i want to get the data and get it via ajax

Galka: Hi. I need to capture images from 360 degree panoroma image. Please help

Eckmeyer: Baako:

Mcmillen: Uhkis, hi thanks but that is restricted because in your example you are attaching the event to only SavedCard1

Dieckman: The could be more than 1 forms if the user has more than 1 card saved

Zerkle: Just use form instead of #id

Canslor: Uhkis, one more thing please $”formName” isnt pickin up input data-formname=”paypalform-bottom”

Mcdougle: Because this is probably the window object