Also one of my table has.

Threatt: Name is same because of backend concern

Greth: Cl*** is same because of css concern

Gransky: So there could be a div or element inserted in there somewhere that makes that last one return 5

Kothe: Id is different because of js concern

Sanda: So i have name, value , id , cl***

Mattila: Id has to be different

Banyas: Greetings, can someone help me with a weird problem I have?

Dusablon: Mattila: yeah i know

Popoff: Shoftee whats the problem?

Denherder: I wrap buttons with for loop and give it to the id of button with .attr

Barbano: Shoftee from hereforth you will be called softy

Tica: I’m having a very peculiar issue with an .each call, only on iPads, only on one specific site.

Rodan: I don’t mind being called softy, if that helps you help me.

Casarez: The .each call does an extra iteration, repeating the first element of a selector result.

Licon: Specifically it iterates over all the results as usual, and then at the end does one more iteration of the first element.

Thi: Sorry, can’t tell you.

Bazner: This only happens on iPads, and only on this specific copy of the site, and only for this specific selector. If I change the selector a bit it works correctly.

Drahos: The .length of the jquery object is +1 of what it should be.

Eley: It make a duplicate of a specific selector?

Mackowski: Like h1 is being spit out twice or what?

Schuyler: Gransky: what would be a better way to get the index of a ‘product-item’ when I click oni t?

Austad: Shoftee: $someContainer’child’ isn’t even a valid syntax

Hennesy: Yes, excuse me for not typing it all in correctly.

Reher: Parent 1 is getting 10 iterations and parent 2 is getting 9 iterations

Cammon: I don’t have linting in discussion.

Bisard: Shoftee: could you make a jsfiddle with a little less psudo code of the problem?

Koening: Shoftee: also i’m VERY skeptical in that there is a jquery bug here

Altic: But lets have a look when you’ve created a demo

Truax: I also am skeptical, it’s probably a bug in webkit 😛

Mattila: I don’t have an iPad to test. you said only an issue on ipad?

Kreiter: Shoftee: no i don’t think it is the browser or jquery

Virgel: Cork if its not the browser or jquery then what could it be?

Robante: Mattila: even if you had an iPad, debugging it is a *****, took me half a work day.

Channey: Shoftee: is “child” an input field perhaps?

Mcclenic: Safari touch devices add extra overlays for those

Urse: No, it’s not, actually this is done to an XML string.

Mccaffery: I’m using it to get data out of the XML.

Gransky: Placidb: something similar to how this works:

Gransky: Not sure what your use case is but that’s an example of some simple math to make the index “correct” – really depends on your markup though

Searson: Gransky: thank you. I’m guessing that the clearfixes are causing .index to give results that I wasn’t expecting

Jedik: Shoftee did you make a fiddle?

Gransky: Placidb: sounds about right

Haus: Your .prevAll approach is clever

Streck: Https://

Jefferson: Yep, this reproduces it on the iPad, even.

Klay: Let say i have 1000 records on table can i select some of them from jquery ?

Wegge: Https://

Crowden: When you click the button you will get this string

Opie: Also one of my table has those string in columns