Hey everyone, quick question.

Vogeler: Shovel beatings are always fun

Agney: I have recently bought a pitchfork if anyone wants to join in

Haselhorst: I prefer a blunt machete

Flud: But thanks for the help everyone – it’s much appriciated. Beers are in the fridge.

Vogeler: I wish this site i regularly visit had dates on there posts

Class: I prefer to have my dates on a restaurant

Vogeler: Lenswipee http://heydesigner.com/

Baugus: Hello people, for my company I got myself a wordpress plugin build, this plugin registers a cronjob on activation which reads an xml feed and saves the results as posts, after which it will publish these. The problem is that these posts are only visible when I’m logged in as an admin, anyone that possibly knows whats wrong here ?

Fiene: Hi, how do i upload a simple html page to wordpress?

Laine: Azjo: That’s not how WordPress works =

Schoon: You create a post or a page and you write your content in there, no uploading of files requried unless you want to add media to the post like videos, images, audio etc

Fred: How do i paste my htm content so it actually understands it then?

Ludlow: Normally, you wouldn’t need to paste HTML, but if you -have- to do that, just clic kthe Text tab in the editor

Eberlin: Text tab in editor for html / shortcodes

Wigand: Shortcodes go in the visual editor

Vogeler: Anyone know of woocommerce is on slack?

Aveado: Im in add new post. im not sure what i should do?

Phlieger: I pasted the content in that box before and that didnt work.

Montan: Fris: They’re not at this time, at least not a public facing one

Neiffer: Azjo: Click the Text tab

Thaden: Ah i see it now. Needed to use zoom 400% :p

Hagey: How do i remove the theme part? Is this possible?

Stiers: I mean, just on this particular link?

Vogeler: Anyone on a mac notice that chrome never remembers the window size, if you resize the browser window, next time you load it doesnt keep that setting

Widerski: So what do i get if i just want to host a simple website with links?

Vogeler: Azjo just use static html/css ;

Korwatch: How do i do this on this wordpress?

Schuerholz: Try another cms for simple websites

Olli: Use google.com to find

Vogeler: Do you have the bookmarks manager extension?

Vogeler: Https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=531489 seeing if anyone else has this issue

Vogeler: First screenshot is what its suppose to be

Apt: Looks differnt – but its working for me

Vogeler: Your mac shows the first one?

Vogeler: Not just a bookmark list like i have in shot 2

Machan: No it shows like picture 2 – only i have icons not folders as my top level

Manzanarez: Works fine – looks as if your top level is all folders

Cockburn: Then sub folders contain the icons . no ?

Vogeler: First example is what it should look like

Vogeler: 2nd is the non working one it just does the regular bookmarks, doesnt seem to use the manager extension

Karnofski: Maybe its not supported in a new update – the dev may not have updated it to the latest one

Maccarino: I can select the bookmarks and navigate around – just looks differnt

Vogeler: Windows 10 is latest chrome, same with mac, maybe i will try chromium see if it does it

Reck: Sounds like he hasnt supported it tbh. but who knows

Castelhano: Hey everyone, quick question. I am using a simple self-made module to create a custom role, a custom content type, and ***ign the priveleges of that content type to that role, the editor and the administrator. The module seemingly works exactly as expected, until I try and put the new role name into the list of roles getting the new priveleges. adding the new role name to that array WSOD’s the dashboard of the site. Could someone take a quick peek and s