We’ve found the new dalai.

Linzie: Gershkovich: do you have shorter functions?

Gershkovich: Xnil: sure it can, it’s bad practice though

Linzie: ForEach{},array is even uglier!

Tubaugh: Gershkovich: let me demonstrate a concrete example: say you are using some DOM-based plotting library or something of the sort, and you want to plot just a few little points represented by ‘div’s or something, i don’t know. to generate the data for plotting, you run very large calculations prior to the plotting, such as calculating primes into the n=thousands, then plotting points based on a distribution of their factors.

Linzie: Gershkovich: oh, yeah, that’s nicer

Graham: In this case, no amount of DOM optimization is going to amount to anything like an optimization of your js algo

Gershkovich: Fat arrows have the advantage of binding things properly too

Gershkovich: Xnil: we dropped that conversation remember

Pexsa: I don’t know, it seems like it’s clearer to have arr.forEachfoo than for&arr {} when arr can be modified.

Gershkovich: This is now about monadic javascript

Pilch: We could just use coffeescript and suddenly map works in all cases

Ehlen: Without side effecting

Gershkovich: Lol coffeescript what

Escort: Without not returning anything

Axelrod: Hey, i use coffeescript!

Pexsa: Buu, P***ing by reference well, a value-reference for modification is usually considering a less-clear way to write.

Gershkovich: Yeah now all of a sudden you have scoping issues alongside your lack of brackets

Klatt: Pexsa: that’s why i built: https://github.com/xnil/refjs

Straight: Xnil: coffeescript is trash

Gershkovich: Just write es6 instead

Epler: I find js to be trash

Gershkovich: You get all of the good features and none of those weird scope errors

Alnoor: But this isn’t the language bashing channel i hope

Pavlosky: I would just use purescript all the time if i could

Straight: JS is a great language. with a standard. coffeescript is some rubyist’s dream.

Beevers: Asmithdev: personal preference

Gershkovich: Xnil: haha at least you’re honest

Orosco: Lack of rigidity in execution

Gershkovich: Nothing wrong with having a personal preference for one lang over another

Trucchi: CoffeeScript’s tooling ecosystem is way more mature, but I still feel like LiveScript is what CoffeeScript SHOULD have been

Astillero: Could you elaborate, i’m not sure i understand that at all.

Pexsa: I feel like it’s probably wrong to prefer basic.

Pawelk: Asmithdev: why are semicolons optional

Gershkovich: I think you mean pointless :v

Gershkovich: That’s sure to get Straight worked up

Straight: They’re so required, that the language puts them in for you.

Gershkovich: They’re so pointless that the language does it for the engine

Pexsa: Buu, I changed it to make my point about changing an array by the reference.

Linzie: Pexsa: Yeah I noticed, I was trying to explain why it wasn’t a reference

Linzie: Straight: your lack of age is showing again

Straight: Wait, in which industry is that an insult

Trucchi: Asmithdev: sorry, was that for me? the request to elaborate

Pexsa: Well, we know the CEO of Apple is only 5 years old.

Trucchi: Oh, is the CEO of Apple like the Dalai Lama now?

Trucchi: Because that would be awesome

Pexsa: Trucchi, I fail to understand where you took that joke.

Trucchi: It. was a bit of a jump, I admit

Pexsa: I was just being demeaning to Apple.

Gershkovich: We’ve found the new dalai lama already? or is this the one china is saying is him