Where might i ask this.

Charriez: Hi, I made a bit more progress on my issue from yesterday. I have a website with multiple custom post types, with a shared custom taxonomy “Departments”. I only seem to be able to query it like so: http://example.com/custom-post-type/?taxonomy=value . I can’t seem to get a proper “nice” permalink like so: http://example.com/custom-post-type/taxonomy/value/ . Is there a way to do that?

Bothof: Guys I need to get post’s categories and make it to be links. I found that I can get list with get_the_category_list but I want it wrapped in anchor tags not li tags.

Tsuruda: Can someone help me a but with this?

Filo: _mirko_: make your own loop with them: https://developer.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/reference/functions/get_the_category/

Prost: Mpol: I tried with ‘echo get_the_category_list”, “, “”, the_ID’, it works but I have number 1 before first link.

Ariza: Mpol: I don’t have idea where it’s from.

Jodoin: And since you are echoing, use get_the_ID

Fragoso: Dopazo and mpol: It’s gone now, thanks a lot.

Gores: Sorry about the connections

Hogatt: Anyone know of a quiz plugin that can add a role to a user?

Hisle: So user answers some questions, on completion they are added a role

Amante: Anybody here know much about creative commons?

Amante: If it’s noderivatives, CC says “If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you may not distribute the modified material.”

Amante: Does putting it on a website count as distribution

Leiferman: Have you edited the material though? You can share it in it’s un-edited form

Grossklaus: Any tools like Drupal rules? User submits form so tag is added to content? That kind of thing?

Gelfand: Any reason anyone can think of why when I log in with a custom front end login form and then visit wp-admin I get a 302 redirect back to the front end login but if I login from wp-login.php I can get to the admin no problem?

Hargrow: Custom form doing something wrong ?

Saldibar: Fris: Hey Fris, are you around?

Mallen: The form works, get logged in and can see the admin bar but cant reach the actual admin

Plesha: When any interest i work on a wordpress theme https://www.livecoding.tv/cannap/

Sharr: Another part of the mystery of my form is that it also works on local copy but not the live site

Garavelli: Hello, im trying to fiugure out where to set the size of bootstraps main / aside elements and i just cant figure it out

Whigham: You might want ot ask bootstrap about that =

Borenstein: We’re the Vache people =

Saling: But ***ume everyone in this forum has been working with bootstrap

Wragg: We might have, but it’s not really relevant as bootstrap is a nentirely different project with their own support outlets =

Fukuroku: Figured out my issue was not checking for ssl and adding the secure cookie parameter

Nairn: What’s a widely used method to convert a wordpress site into a JSON api?

Amante: Sam_yate just wanted something to use where i don’t need to attribute it

Amante: For front page. other pages are attributed

Amante: Guess i need stock photos. so poor though

Amante: Maybe i’ll email a million people on flickr and ask if i can use their photos hah

Minick: I am looking for a plugin that shows sharing options on mouse hover

Massart: The icons should be hidden by default

Foiles: But shown on mouse over

Vasil: Much like addthis’ feature.

Hedden: Where is the breadcrumb come from?

Vizena: Depends what plugin is adding it

Brownrigg: WordPress doesn’t provide breadcrumbs by it self

Blomker: Anyone know of a free theme that looks similar to this http://www.verisure.no/

Cromey: Where might i ask this question, if not in here? how much influence does the domainnameex.: Cheaphouse.com itself have vs subfolders domain.com/cheap-house/ ?