Var someArray = 1, 2, 3, 4,.

Peppin: Is there a way to check what element has been clicked?

Depue: Or do i have to compare pageX with every element on page?

Gentleman: Sal: it’s the “target” property of the event object.

Mate: Sal: Event – Web API Interfaces MDN

Velten: Yes, but i can’t use target, bevause the element i’m trying to click is a 1px line

Brobst: And to make it simple to catch, i added a 5px per side clickable area

Chanler: So, if i use target, it will only work if i click on the line

Eylicio: Don’t know if i was clear

Mattia: Its a 1px line, but i want to add a 5px tollerance on both sides

Gentleman: Sal: if you give the line 5px of margin on both sides, then clicking on the margin will be a click on the line.

Defusco: I have created a video of the behaviour as demoed in this fiddle

Badzinski: Someone help me with this:

Heaberlin: That is the output when the page is loaded

Montono: Folks, I am trying to get all strings between two brackets in a text using regex. But I am geting no success. Anybody can help me?

Arnsworth: Im trying to show a problem but my code doesnt seem to behave on jsfiddle its a simple point click

Goldhammer: Django_, so the problem is that $scope.testme is undefined right?

Fallis: GreenJello: thanks anwyas got it.

Maytubby: Well, that’s because $http.jsonp is most likely async

Drobny: Baxx: the jsfiddle behaviour is because scrollbars appear, cause your body is larger than the window, cause your css injection isn’t working properly

Grismore: In other words, by the time console.log prints $scope.testme, the $http.jsonp call hasn’t call your function that populates that property

Drobny: Baxx: or rather the css you’re injecting is not proper css

Scearce: Bleh. It seems as if I forget everything unless I constantly use it.

Defusco: Shoky: ha ****, yeah I just zoomed out on the local page and it works as expected . I was really confused there. I’m not following about the CSS ?

Aemmer: Right now, I’m trying to remember the syntax to check if a given integer value is inside an array that looks like var someArray = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ;

Drobny: Baxx: you have commas , instead of semicolons ;

Elden: And also, I’m trying to add to that array. I guess for the second problem, I do someArray.push123;?

Zogopoulos: Undrinkablesoup, so basically indexOf?

Drobny: Baxx: height: 100%, padding: 0,

Gentleman: Undrinkablesoup: yes, but it’s best not to mutate things.

Quilter: CamC try something like

Defusco: Shoky: ah of course, school boy all round then, thanks :

Gentleman: Undrinkablesoup: change

Belback: Gentleman: I don’t understand what you mean.

Gentleman: Undrinkablesoup: ie, don’t add something to someArray. make a brand new array using concat.

Gentleman: Undrinkablesoup: var newArray = someArray.concat123

Tschoepe: I fail to see the difference.?

Defusco: Shoky: yeh it works now, thought it would be something trivial, cheers

Kubilus: Pikul: that means one is running in thebackground right?

Gruzinsky: Why make a new array?

Gentleman: Undrinkablesoup: the difference is that then “someArray” never changes, so it’s easier to reason about what it contains, and it’s easier for the engine to optimize it.

Gentleman: Undrinkablesoup: mutation in general makes code harder to reason about.

Pono: Ankr:how does that help?

Huschle: Var someArray = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; someArray.indexOf1 -1; /* true */ someArray.indexOf0 – 1; /* false */