That’s not even remotely.

Kalkman: Yeah but you hinted at it 😛

El: It’s funny that the most obvious to me example always lacks in all articles.

Kalkman: I ended up getting pbcopy to work Torkable

Kalkman: Echo ‘foo’ pbcopy copis stdin to os x clipboard

Kalkman: And then I used netcat and ssh forwarding to make it work remotely

Fernandz: Undrinkablesoup: I seem to understand things quicker when explained to me differently as well. After reading articles I sometimes ask questions and I feel like everything would’ve been a lot clearer if those articles mentioned that

Dellano: Often regarding the whyness of things

Rodell: I guess it’s hard to see things the wrong way once you know how to do it right though

Kalkman: Also a lot of the problem is that an article can’t address every audience correctly

Kalkman: Sometimes you’re not the right audience

Considine: So it’s hard to write an article that completely tackles a noob’s confusions

Kalkman: So it takes extra work to grasp

Hespe: I got it working. Thanks for the help.

Kalkman: There were like 6 different things youwere trying to get working so glad to hear you got them all working

Mate: Gillice: boolean false

Mate: Kalkman: boolean true

Mate: Gillice: SyntaxError: syntax error

Mate: Gillice: ReferenceError: i is not defined

Ville: Right, so that isn’t false

Mate: Kalkman: string ‘****’

Mate: Gillice: ReferenceError: Kalkman is not defined

Mate: Gillice: ReferenceError: Gillice is not defined

Maharg: I SEE YOUR SORCERY AND have absolutely nothing in return

Tagata: GreenJ hates Gillice and put that in there lol

Kalkman: Var tacos = ‘al pastor’;

Mate: Kalkman: string ‘al pastor’

Mate: Gillice: string ‘*****’

Haghighi: I feel like I may use this in moderation

Nemeth: Yea I should probably just not use it

Gaseoma: Tax free weed day in denver

Kalkman: Aw too late for a plane ticket

Kalkman: Oh wait I dont pay taxes here in ohio either

Uhrig: So bascially about 10% off

Massingill: Isn’t weed tax free in most places

Nine: Its like 2% state tax

Androes: You hit up your dealer and you get back with a bag of northen lights and a printed invoice

Berna: No its taxed, like crazy

Kenner: Weed is legal in Colorado now right?

Swartout: Colorado made twice as much money in taxes on weed than alchohol last year

Smoker: Yeah weed is the **** to Americans

Lam: I think you guys smoke twice as much as us Dutch

Kogan: I think, – that has been studied

Cullinane: I don’t smoke at all.

Snellen: There are numbers on that that I don’t bother to Google

Wetterer: I thought you dutch were considering making it illegal agin

Vadenais: Really? I highly doubt that

Koss: They did put restrictions on allowing foreigners to buy it though

Kalkman: Samssh: it is possible to make a statement about a group of people without it implicating every single member of that group

Sheu: Gillice: I heard somewhere that the dutch had all this data on it because its been legal for so long

Petaccio: Boitnott should be renamed ##general

Ploskunak: And a lot of it was really negative

Hinley: I think it’s healthy to keep a channel alive for when someone arrives with a question

Duk: And they were considering making it illegal

Piske: That’s not even remotely true Torkable