Rou: i’m not really a great.

Ridgnal: Oh i see yes it isn’t a pure function

Zieglen: I don’t like working with mutators

Krawchuk: It also doesn’t help that JS doesn’t have non-local returns. In Mermaid, you can at least use forEach in the same places you’d use a regular for loop, but you’re still able to return a value from it in certain contexts by using non-local returns

Merna: So in Mermaid, you could have something like: function findIndexxs, x{ xs.forEachv, i = { if v === x { return i } }; return -1 }, and then findIndex1, 2, 3, 4 returns -1, but findIndex1, 2, 3, 2 would return 1

Kiszka: Kamuela: my programming language

Wiehe: Http:// — The reporting validate for the fields I need it directly under the field not sure how to fix this i searched in validate code cant find anything

Harnly: Milk_base, if you mean a bundle of sticks or twigs bound together as fuel, then that’s fine

Vandehei: That’s exactly what I mean Harnly!

Pennypacker: Why do people love being banned anyway?

Schacherer: Every time you get opped i imagine tony stark’s suit flying into place on you

Dubois: That sounds pretty cool ahaha

Duellman: Honestly I love the marvel stuff and never cared for comic books. The films are very accessible

Sakiestewa: Yes he likes to just hang out in human form and remotely call for pieces of his suit when he needs them lol

Trovillion: What are you guys using to work with webgl?

Feerick: And what level of abstraction are you looking for

Denardis: 3d, this would be my first foray into 3d graphics so no clue as far as abstraction level

Rayome: Was just curious what libs etc were popular

Feerick: Three.js isn’t a bad choice

Feerick: There are some things i dont love about it and importing animated models can be a trip and a half but its decent if you’re just starting and either dont have animated models or are flexible about how the art is created

Feerick: Twgl is okay if you want to do lower level stuff but at that point you might just be better off rolling it yourself

Oras: Ok, i’ll check that out too

Feerick: For higher level than that e.g. a game engine there are a lot of choices. they all have some level of **** to them. at work we use playcanvas, which has the best story with art importing and works well on mobile it’s not really free though.

Feerick: If you dont care about art importing or mobile as much then babylon is supposed to be pretty good

Feerick: It runs like **** on mobile though.

Woodin: Hm ok, you’re using playcanvas for opengl? or for 3d stuff on canvas?

Ravenhorst: Why would anyone use javascript when you can just use typescript?

Feerick: All of those were webgl

Workowski: What do you work on with playcanvas?

Melochick: Is life as a games programmer punishing?

Feerick: Uh, not as bad as people make it out to be most of the time

Argandona: It’s more financially risky

Pa: Than being a web developer

Feerick: Yeah it doesnt pay as well

Gehman: Plus it’s often ten times the work

Feerick: I do work a lot of 50-60 hour weeks though.

Chor: That’s the norm for me too

Seburg: That’s why my career path is web developer, and my hobby / home p***ion is indie game development

Feerick: I think the most ive ever done was a 110 hour week

Feerick: I dont think i will need to do that again any time soon

Ortelt: Rou: why would anyone use TypeScript when they can use PureScript? Why would anyone use PureScript when they can use OCaml? Why would anyone use OCaml when they can use Haskell?

Feerick: Rou: i’m not really a great game designer, i’d rather people tell me what to make. also i have no patience for things i find uninteresting