Kamuela: I particularly.

Drakulic: Why would anyone use Haskell when they can use Clojure?

Bongle: Why would anyone use that when they could use coffeescript?

Hougham: There’s no reason to use CoffeeScript :

Czapiewski: Not just because it has basically the same semantics JS has, but it has broken lexical scoping and ambiguous grammar

Krusor: I find it hard to believe somebody could actually work for 110 hours in a week. i’m sure it’s possible but even when i’ve been working my *** off, 80-90 is the very worst i think. getting food takes time, you ahve to sleep sometimes, .

Battenfield: Well, there’s no *technical reason*

Yant: Duke: complimentary company-provided IV

Feerick: You usually dont eat a lot or sleep a lot during those times.

Todisco: 110 hours in a week sounds. wow

Feerick: And its’ not really super productive work

Echevaria: I’ve never worked a 110 hour a week job but I’ve done 110 hours programming my personal game during summer vacation for college

Irr: Duke: you don’t have friends with kids? they work those hours

Yant: Duke: orrrrrr http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2010/01/25

Kubas: Working 16 hours a day i think i’d start to break after the fourth day

Feerick: Idk, personally i get diminishing returns after about 8 or 9 hours in a day

Baldelli: Deveras: that’s different, i don’t just sit around after work, there’s stuff that’s gotta get done

Mcdargh: People need sleep, overworking yourself is dumb

Apostol: It’s not worth the toll on your health

Almanzar: Deveras: household work’s sorta different from work work

Feerick: No i wouldnt do it again

Teles: I hardly manage to work 6 hours a day, I can’t imagine working more than that.

Bhullar: I can’t agree. work is different from a job you see, one you get paid to do, the other just has to be done no payment

Yant: Rou: not worth it to you maybe, but think about your manager; what about _his_ needs?

Obannon: Hameen: depends on the work, more than 6 hours implementing a day is rough i agree

Doub: Hameen: but if you’re doing code reviews and stuff it’s a little easier

Feerick: 6 hours is usually where i need more caffeine

Sugalski: Usually i work in the office 10-4 helping people and stuff, then from home 7-12 or 1 implementing or whatever

Radune: I guess that’s a 9-10 hour day but it isn’t that bad

Abeb: Hameen: 6 hours a day, but do you need full days off, or can you find that you can do 6 hours a day indefinitely?

Feerick: 6*7 indefinitely sounds doable actually

Arellano: I’m not sure that math works

Halon: Look at it more like, how many days can you work intensely in a row?

Hataway: Whether it’s for four or ten, it takes a toll

Feerick: Limiting the time to 6 limits the intensity usually

Kittelman: I’m suggesting that time doesn’t correlate w/ intensity

Feerick: Its usually a build up of momentum for me

Shonerd: Tcsc: you’re a workaholic. i think i’d have to do 3 or less indefinitely

Feerick: I like making games a lot though

Engelman: Yea, that’s why i prefer hours per day implenenting like . 1, 0, 1, 14, 4, 3, 2, 12, .

Westrup: Space out the intense stretches

Feerick: Good looking visual feedback helps a lot

Histand: That’s the other thing, the 6 hour cap can be limiting

Feerick: And interactive/fun stuff

Feerick: Idk how many hours a day i could do normal webdev stuff

Gowdy: Harder on the hands, easier on the brain :p

Feerick: Its different i think

Casner: Http://pastebin.com/WPLA5V0Q

Ennist: Kamuela: I particularly work 6 * 5, then have the weekend off. I wouldn’t really be able to work every single day for 6 hours.