RLa: the code you are.

Disotell: Xatenev, sometimes I have to forcibly switch projects to have my bills payed

Furnia: RLa: wel, if u dislike freelancing

Trucchi: Buu: bonus points for using “Moe, Larry, Curly” instead of “foo, bar, baz” – I like doing that too

Dunkerley: Xatenev, i hate enterprise programming even more

Catino: Xatenev, i hate commuting every day 2 hours

Breland: RLa: sounds actually like a job switch should be commin in

Ravert: Xatenev, i can only switch to a job that has those issues

Jakuboski: Xatenev, it’s just Autumn, other seasons are bit better

Trucchi: Buu: out of curiosity, what’s your primary perl use-case these days? web backend? system automation? other thins? all of the above?

Linzie: Trucchi: web backends mostly

Linzie: I do a lot of one-off scripting with it as well but I don’t know I’d count it as a use case

Linzie: Yeah I’ve moved to Mojo, it’s real nice

Trucchi: Nice. I wasn’t sure if the landscape had changed since I’d last forayed into perl frameworks. I’d played around with Catalyst, Dancer, and Mojo

Caputo: Is it posisble to read data from canvas objects

Linzie: It’s remarkably nice to have a language that’s just as happy writing “change all the letters in this list of files on the command line” in a single line as well as writing complex higher ordered modular systems

Wrich: Xatenev, i currently have task priority inversion issue, i want to get small tasks out of my way before working on important big stuff

Flud: Buu: can u give me somekeywords?

Linzie: Http://stackoverflow.com/questions/923885/capture-html-canvas-as-gif-jpg-png-pdf

Bethea: I thought about some kind of cheat engine

Degori: Changing data from the canvas lol

Trucchi: Buu: definitely. But that’s also one of the reasons perl gets a bad rap for being “write only code.” It gives devs enough rope to hang themselves

Blaskovich: But no idea if thats completly dumb

Pinon: Or if im thinking completly wrong

Wynn: Xatenev, know c++? could help some node packages to compile with v4.x

Trucchi: I don’t understand how there isn’t a port of google’s diff-patch-match on npm

Linzie: Trucchi: I think 99% of that is the initial impression that using non alphabetical characters gives people

Trucchi: That’s definitely a big part of it

Linzie: Trucchi: Like, people think Factory.***embler ***embler = new system.Factory.***emblernew String”argument”; ***embler.execute; is readable

Linzie: Except you have no ****ing idea what it’s doing

Linzie: Multiply that by 5,000 lines of java

Lendon: Yay, execution in the kingdom of nouns

Trucchi: And oh god the stack traces

Noxon: Any one have a suggestion on showing native html5 errors on catch inside a promise?

Rampa: Https://gist.github.com/mergeweb/31262b30e8f5d3b7ddfd

Negrette: Should I disable my event then reclick the submit button?

Spunt: That seems to be a common method

Simonis: Silverstick, console.error?

Helfert: RLa: kingdom of nouns — that’s a good one :

Linzie: Helfert: It’s a semifamous rant about java from, uh, yegge I think

Broomell: RLa: HTML5 API errors. the little popups on form elements

Blurton: Silverstick, oh, you need some setup for that

Benyo: Disabling some built-in stuff

Daigre: So you can validate in submit handler

Linzie: Helfert: http://steve-yegge.blogspot.com/2006/03/execution-in-kingdom-of-nouns.html

Helfert: Buu: thanks! was not aware of it, but i’ve described android programming to a friend the other day as communicating in nouns only

Rothrock: RLa: the code you are seeing is inside a click event on a submit button for the form. If I remove my promises, the html5 errors show fine