Xatenev, lots of my clients.

Christoffer: My issue with foreach is when i want to stop the “loop” before end

Trucchi: Re: loops – I gotta say I’m a fan of for.of

Straight: Xatenev: then why use the more primitive form rather than the more advanced one?

Straight: RLa: then you don’t want forEach.

Straight: RLa: you want .some/every/find/findIndex, likely.

Wragg: Straight: Im using the more advanced one

Linzie: Straight: Remind me, were you the one arguing positions on a stack were the same as a variable

Straight: Buu: aha, fascinating

Mckeen: That are not in ES5 :/

Nuttall: Cause i ignored everybody telling me that for loops foreach loops

Straight: Buu: nope, p sure i wasn’t involved in that discussion

Nuckols: Cause i didnt understand why

Burgman: Straight, thanks, will check out

Linzie: Straight: Isn’t it amazing how far perl is ahead of its time with the forarray construct?

Miecznikowski: Some is supposed to return boolean, not any value?

Brunton: Anybody got some exciting JS project to share with me

Sawada: Please consider this snippet https://gist.github.com/mergeweb/31262b30e8f5d3b7ddfd

Linzie: Xatenev: I’ve got lots of work I’ve been putting off

Trucchi: Heh, perl probably lets you just write “do all the things on array and then multiply then by two” and have that equal array.mapx = x * 2

Straight: Buu: well, smalltalk was invented before perl. it’s more that most languages are *behind* their times.

Iba: Xatenev, i wish i had that issue

Straight: Silverstick: why have the catch before the last then?

Linzie: Smalltalk has a lot of neat features. That perl stole.

Pandola: I’m having sleep deprivation and lots of tasks coming in that i should not even work on

Hebel: Dunno im just working and playing computer games, and programming useless stuff in my free time

Linzie: Perl is a lot like english re: following languages down alleys and mugging them for vocab

Ashmen: Straight: because the save button can be re-enabled whether there is an error or not

Middough: Like ik every lang channel

Smigel: And while im sleeping 3 hours/day ive got 2 much time

Straight: Silverstick: ok – remember tho that your catch has to throw, or return a rejected promise, or else the .then will always be called.

Linzie: Ddv: I get easily bored

Quiver: Straight: this is also inside a click on a submit button so e.preventDefault here would stop the submit

Trucchi: Anyway: loops have their place, but I don’t think they’re a good first approach. best to start with a higher-order abstraction and then micro-manage as needed

Gershkovich: Ddv: only if a language war is “all languages ****”

Steff: Xatenev, i’m freelancer and have to such thing as free time :

Uchida: RLa: would love to freelance too

Kropff: Right now im doing apprenticeship only ._.

Germann: And deal with scheduling conflicts between projects and clients? 😀

Trucchi: The other nice thing about the higher-order methods is that, used right, they let you determine at a glance whether there are going to be side effects

Linzie: Trucchi: http://www.csse.monash.edu.au/~damian/papers/HTML/Perligata.html

Haden: Bteter than getting payed almost no money

Hawthrone: And have to pay an appartment

Lostroh: Every client ***umes you only work for him/her

Hutcheson: Straight: gotcha, yea that is ok in this case

Horio: RLa: its better than having HUGE money problems

Trucchi: I bet Larry Wall threw a party when that came out

Erskin: Xatenev, lots of my clients have debt, that causes me debt :