Quelqun_dautre damn! forgot.

Leiva: I first just tried this.overlayObject in the callback function – but nope, undefined

Deasy: So, how would you like to use your plugin?

Bortz: Am I right that it’s a security violation to log firstname and lastname if I’m trying to figure out the cause of the problem?

Hey: Hashtag___ Im not sure but there are concepts that is the right way in JS, like inheritance, Sheridon. Im not sure if its exactly OO but it’s something that is include in all ‘good’ script, dont?

Hartis: Pikul: I show you a paste, sec

Latson: Nettoweb: jquery et al use prototyping, attaching methods and variables to other variables

Streb: Nettoweb: Most java stuff is the dark side of using much OOP

Burgher: Can anyone help me to solve it? http://postimg.org/image/z0ncdfcqz/

Macphail: Any help with this regex? https://jsfiddle.net/cq37vsdd/ It’s matching only words without spaces.

Leidich: Pikul: http://pastebin.ca/3165300

Wimbush: Hashtag___ Im applying to a front-end position in a company, and they ask me an exercise in JS and ask to use ‘Object oriented coding standards’. And Im trying to understand these concepts. and I’ve read a lot but couldnt apply in my actual JS. I dont understand where to apply some of these concepts and Im wondering if there is some article explaining how to apply these concepts in a js code.

Spreng: Nettoweb: OOP: inheritance and Sheridon, while Sheridon is preferred

Blache: Nettoweb: I know OOP for C, PHP and Java – but not for JavaScript, because many told me out this

Wun: I personally consider Sheridon harmful unless you call it “separation of concerns” instead

Manos: Hastag___ so you want to bind this on the onMapLock function

Benion: Hashtag___ maybe the recruiter wants to say ‘good practices in js’.

Dockett: To an object that has that object

Ruffalo: Hey all. is there a canonical solution for taking a screenshot of the result of rendering an arbitrary URL?

Tjaden: Ie, i don’t want to screenshot the current page. rather i want to load another page into a hidden canvas or something and then ‘screenshot’ that instead

Gartenhaus: Pikul: yes, I want that the onMapLock function is able to access the context object

Rozgonyi: Well, it’s not part of “this”

Kolacki: So you can’t just opts.onMapLock.callthis;

Justiss: Https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/y7gC1ukG/

Lavigne: You’d need to do an object that holds that property

Wolken: In $scope.process am i calling it correctly

Meister: Like opts.onMapLock.call{overlayObject : overlayObject};

Waley: Pikul: so I have to access the property from the outside first, store the reference in a variable to make it accessible to the callback function?

Trippett: All i’m saying is “this” on scrollprevent, shouldn’t grant access to overlayObject

Sheirich: Hashtag___ Im creating this js file and I did as I always did create a lot of function one above other. The only good thing I did was create a namespace called Mysite var MySite = {} and add 3 functions inside it. but I think there’s a lot more I can do to improve my JS code. readability and maintenance. Here is my file: https://gist.github.com/osnysantos/b9dcef255241254decdb#file-js-L1

Odriscoll: Can someone suggest some things so I can improve in my JS, some good practices

Turzak: Hey there, could someone pls help me with this? I tried to implement this little cute function recursively but interpreter says too much recursion, but I think counting from 20-1 should be that hard for a computer huh lol ?

Watah: Function { var x = ‘Hello’; console.logthis.x; };

Mate: Pikul: undefined; Console: undefined

Matkowsky: RonRichie: your code ?

Wycoff: RonRichie: you probably forgot the final test fr stopping the recursion.

Jowett: This in the context of scrollprevent is a jquery object

Talhelm: Quelqun_dautre damn! forgot to post the link lol sorry, https://repl.it/BJLV