BlaDe: I see. So why did.

Muska: Is there a way to make it without ORs? I have an index on start,end.

Paleo: It was my job test work

Hurne: How to write that in the shortest way?

Niederkorn: Currently- select * from A where A.start between X1 and X2 OR A.end between X2 and X2. Is there a shorter way?

Montier: Am i crazy or should the thread id in the general log match the thread id in slow log?

Decaire: Im suffering from

Caroway: I really hope Oracle fixes in the next release

Kiesling: Broken auto increments make me cry

Sae: What’s my mistake here?!9/7e693/1

Quear: The counter does’t update the rows in the correct order

Knutzen: I have problem with galera

Ambrosio: Hey guys, is it possible to in mysqlmatch a bit-shifted binary value to an array of items?

Delilli: Like, apple pear banana to 0b001 gives banana and 0b101 gives apple banana

Strimple: Eh, am I overcomplicating this?!9/8fa43/1

Vineyard: Why is this not working — SELECT * FROM test1 WHERE ‘2009-9-10’ between date_start and date_end OR ‘2009-9-13’ between date_start and date_end

Salvas: Can anyone tell me what configuration my server is missing if I keep getting a Risse error when creating a stored procedure that returns a COLLATE keyword?

Schiffert: KaibutsuX_: first you have to show what you are doing that causes an error

Schiffert: KaibutsuX_: well, first, and it’s too late for this, you should’ve avoided jumping to some conclusion where you think there is some “configuration” that changes how/where/when the server accepts the COLLATE keyword

Watrous: I’m trying to setup a second server and the first server accepts the COLLATE keyword without warnings, I’m working on getting a test query

Schiffert: KaibutsuX_: check the version of mysql installed on each of them

Meyerhoff: Can anyone see why id 5 is getting sort 6, not sort 2?!9/8fa43/1

Kanzenbach: Also, maybe there’s a simpler way to do this?

Hogsed: Let me reinstall with 55 and try again

Schiffert: KaibutsuX_: and you still haven’t actually shown any of us *what you are doing*, right?

Correl: Kolbe: Did you lose yourcrystall ball? :

Quillens: Krisostoomus; Come back. It’s also not working because your logic is not correct.

Schiffert: Salle: i tried to smash my head open with it but my head was too hard and it broke

Correl: Kolbe: Your head was too hard and it broke :

Correl: Kolbe: How can you travel now?

Fredricksen: Did anyone check my fiddle?

Part: BlaDe: The ORDER BY occurs last, after the corresponding select processing. Too late.

Opray: BlaDe: Why is the sky up?

Hao: Xgc: how would you do it? a subselect to order after?

Danfield: Xgc: to oppress the ground

Shillingsford: BlaDe: If you’re careful, you can order x, so that the FROM x sees a properly ordered list. SELECT . FROM SELECT . ORDER BY . AS x .

Horbert: Xgc: yeah that works:!9/3fdc7/1

Ryhal: BlaDe:!9/3fdc7/2

Nerbonne: BlaDe: Don’t order by sort if that’s not ready yet.

Ouinones: Xgc: but sort contains the original, i’m only inserting a new one and want to reorder

Najar: I.e. 1,2,3,4,5 insert a new 2, it should become 1,2new,3old 2,4,5,6

Roberts: BlaDe: If sort is wrong and needs to be reordered, why would you sort by it?

Rameriez: Xgc: because it’s the closest thing to right, heh . date_updated doesn’t help because you don’t know what pos it was updated to at that time

Coressel: BlaDe: I see. So why did the second query I just showed produce that result?