Or not for all.

Salquero: Hello, I’m having a small issue closing a websocket connection. I want it to send close when I call onclose. Here is my code. Where could the problem be? https://gist.github.com/urbanslug/ecbf92c8abc1c2873d70#file-websocket-client-L12

Bachler: Somewhere in Line 12 I ***ume

Ownby: Syntactically it is the worst OOP language I’ve ever had the displeasure of torturing myself with.

Trucchi: It’s terrible if you try pure OOP, and it’s not so great if you try pure FP either – personally I think it’s all about trying to find a happy medium

Mccally: Typescript helps a bit.

Trucchi: Helps with the FP a bit too

Trucchi: LiveScript is also pretty neat if you want to do fp

Fyksen: Trucchi Rou hah! Im precisely doing what Trucchi just said above : Im not really p***ionate about OOP, I love FP and trying to utualize my p***ion for FP in JS :

Trucchi: Again though, I still think it’s a matter of finding a happy medium

Freuden: Most likely correct, as you’d know better than me at least for another 5 years 😀

Ventrella: I’m a terrible JS noob, but need to work with it STAT. so can someone tell me: why woulndt i be able to use in the chrome JS console a variable that has been declared? If i try to do: console.logvar, it says undefined. but it was defined and logged as part of the script, so i dont understand

Swymer: It may be a different scope

Saelens: Is it wrapped in a function for example?

Auckerman: Do***ent.readyfunction{ var = something; console.logvar} that works normally

Delehanty: But if i go to the console in chrome, with the page open, and do: console.logvar it answers undefined

Worsley: It is a pain, because i want to test and troubleshoot, for that i’d rather be able to test vars in the console.

Hewlett: You cannot have a var called var

Collingsworth: Does the var disappear when the do***ent finished being ready? or what?

Lindel: Console.log what you have called the var, console.logsomething

Montpetit: Ppl, i was writing fast

Engleberg: Im calling the var by its name, obviously

Pirone: If you want the proper code, its: $do***ent.readyfunction { var SGQ = ” {SGQ} “; console.logSGQ;

Fornkohl: Try going to console and use console.logwindow.SGQ

Seelbach: It gives me 2 undefined

Tommasino: Put up a snippet on jsfiddle

Brigance: Https://jsfiddle.net/Lv8nvz43/ this is it, though it doesnt make much sense without all the html but for show

Gosier: I already notice a stupid mistake

Boeckx: Im calling trim directly without ***igning, it should be: SGQ = SGQ.trim; that’ll work

Balton: But SGQ is still undefined when i call it through the console with console.log

Pipia: The updated jsfiddle: https://jsfiddle.net/kmLmjjzx/

Iezzi: Hey you guys. Why can’t I do: webSocket.onclose = functione {this.close; location.reloadtrue;}

Bjelland: Im not sure what you did with jsfiddle, so i remade it in another one and it works kinda

Rardon: Http://jsfiddle.net/5e4fo0mr/

Kettner: UU the problem is that my code works wonderfully, i just cannot test well through chrome because i cannot access variables from the active console :S:S

Pomberg: Does anyone here recognize me and remember offering help to me in the past four months?

Sauchez: I’m writing the humans.txt file and so many people have helped me here, I don’t remember who too thank until I see screen names i remember 😛

Slate: Dekok helped me a lot.

Tidey: Carolin – I’m sure somebody here is logging this chan

Stfleur: Usman helped a tonne im going down the user list -_-

Mancher: But im sure im going to forget people this way.

Catena: You can check the logs online

Alexander: Or not for all channel