I suddenly have a crapload.

Rumery: Djam90, and are you getting the error on create/alter or insert/update? 138 is quite a lot definitely for texts and varchars

Rarang: Rumery, https://gist.github.com/AshleyPinner/ffef5fdd9e8e3fbd3c9d

Peabody: The where 1=1 was when I removed the extra conditions

Texidor: Rumery, the error is on an ALTER

Miera: What I was expecting from that case statement was 3 results, not the 5 I get back.

Rumery: NeoThermicWork, seems that mysql is mixing “gender” as column and “gender” as alias, if I use “gender2” as alias and in group/order by, then it returns 3 rows

Rumery: Djam90, and is that alter adding another column? you just got over implementation limit – https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.5/en/column-count-limit.html

Tamayo: Rumery, I didn’t think to try that. Such a simple fix! 😀

Rumery: NeoThermicWork, awful thing, not sure if it is some kind of bug or if it is do***ented.

Hoggins: Rumery, i am confused reading that docs page. so the max row size is 65535 bytes. i have this structure: http://pastie.org/10409465

Alphonso: Djam90: dear god my eyes

Menez: Jeremycole, do you have any . advice lol

Andrango: Normalise that into multiple tables. Before someone has a heart attack 😛

Andruzzi: Anything stand out imediately? except for the TEXT columns that I need to move out of the table

Marian: The TEXT columns are comma seperated strings, it is really awful and I showed my manager the stuff about it being wrong but. :

Ehlert: What sort of thing should be in it’s own table?

Hesby: Well, just as an idea, new/used should just be an enum, rather than two separate fields since it can only be one or the other, same with car/van

Nevers: NeoThermicWork, we do have some vehicles that will be both a car and a van landrover lol

Poort: My manager has this idea that we can just run lots and lots and lots of CRON job scripts to iterate all the data and “tidy it” instead of organising it properly :/

Whiten: Djam90: manufacturer, model, bodystyle stuff, fuel type stuff, dealer stuff, most of it? :

Louge: Data is inconsistent across 2 tables? write a cron script.

Rumery: Djam90, you will not be able to hold this together without normalization, you will at some point get “red, rde, dre” etc as possible values in colours column

Rumery: Why to use relational database at all when we do not want to structure the data properly.

Drivas: Dunno what all the _slug **** is

Stiehm: Jeremycole, slugs so that when someone goes to /new/cars/ford/b-max it knows b-max is actually B-Max

Nanton: I am sure slugs is common

Sandona: Your slugs are better off being inflected on the fly

Rumery: NeoThermicWork, you cannot reverse-map them very well on the fly

Huckins: My code can easily make the slugs, but inflecting it is difficult

Maltz: We have issues with like. Ford “Grand C-Max”

Thiem: Which has a space and a hyphen in it

Favre: Then the URL can always get the right one

Rumery: Djam90, you will get really big table really soon, your disks will take it hard, there is too much duplication in the data with such scheme

Prenatt: I know you said “normalisation” but at this stage I am unsure what to normalise. the data is all filled via a script that hits the CAP Network API and fetches vehicle data and stores each vehicle as a record

Dersch: Some vehicle data API

Cesa: Djam90, looking at this table, you can have a table that describes the model information about a vehicle, a table that describes engines

Kinnan: Of course fixing any of this is going to be pretty damn annoying if you’re syncing it from a non-relational/normalized data source heh

Iredale: NeoThermicWork, I guess the engine stuff would be a start

Bigos: I suddenly have a crapload of mysqld messages in my syslog. Growing the file by several MBs per minute