Need to try to get my.

Foux: Django_, if you’re on a mac, you can use the Automation tool.

Stuchlik: Django_: gimp can be scripted i thought. or imagemagic on Linux would probably do something

Pinney: For example, at a previous job where i had to use VS for typescript, i found that despite VS’s smart completion, i still used it less than neocomplete in vim, just because it was so picky about context

Stuchlik: J201: fair, i was wondering if everyone else was using something with perfect completion, I guess not 😛

Morishita: I have an object in JS with some properties like this.isPaussed that creates a button and sets some properties for the button

Stuchlik: Django_: dunno if you’re on linux or not might / might not be useful

Duel: I want to make the button’s onclick toggle the original object’s properties, but when I write this.isPaused or something similar, this begins to refer to the button object

Wanner: Intellij has decent completion for JS. Though I switched to using emacs long since.

Hinze: Baxx: fair enough, just a rant i wanted to toss out there ;. i think tern is probably the best option out there

Estevez: Hey, I made a simple js based website. Now I want to put it online in order to share it with a couple of people. Any ideas how to do this free and ad-free?

Stuchlik: Submain: yeah I started using spacemacs a couple of months back

Falis: Baxx: how do you like that?

Wakley: Microsizeme: For help, ask your question. Be patient. Code samples should be pasted in a paste service see !paste. Tell us 1 what you want to happen, 2 what is actually happening, and 3 any error messages you find see !describe and !debug.

Stuchlik: J201: ha no worries, rants are always good

Stuchlik: Submain: yeah I’m pretty happy with it

Minnis: Plutonas, I don’t think there are any hosting services that are both free & ad-free.

Diulio: Plutonas: if it’s static doesn’t need a custom web server, you can put it in dropbox and get a link to it

Saches: Agent: not even for a couple of Kb of data?

Streva: J201: it is a countdown counter, is this considered static?

Pachlin: Plutonas: if all of your code is just JS running in the browser, then yes

Valderas: Nice, after trying emacs, I don’t think i’m going back to an IDE anytime soon

Grotts: Yes it is html js and css3 running in the browser

Botelho: J201: any link on how to do this?

Rahaman: Plutonas: if you just want to temporarily share it, you could just put it in jsbin or a similar service

Germond: J201: well i want to share it for 4 months until the countdown runs out

Stuchlik: Submain: I’ve never used one – only plain text like vim / emacs, tested Atom for ~2 days. so I sometimes wonder if there’s anything I’m missing out on.

Hofstetter: Hi guys, im using scrollspy to detect user position on screen and based on that im adding some cl***es to navigation. What i want to do is to take data-attribute from element and add that as a cl*** using .addCl***. Scrollspy takes elements ID but i need data-attribute instead of ID. Here is pastie

Steinger: Or, hell, for only a few KB, host it yourself. Just need a DNS and a computer that stays up and a CGI daemon or something.

Suttles: Baxx: I gotta say intellij was awesome. But no, IDEs are usually clunky and slow on my experience

Ditmars: Besides, emacs is essentially an IDE, albeit a lightweight one

Barnar: Any help on my problem?

Obenauer: Microsizeme, I’m a JS noob, but that sounds like a “this”/dynamic scoping problem.

Stuchlik: Submain: yeah that was why I moved from Vim. because I didn’t really feel as though I was playing to it’s strengths. Would be cool if Emacs did graphics better, using it as a PDF reader and stuff isn’t really great at the mo

Meehleder: That’s what I thought, but I have no idea how to fix it

Jeffress: Need to try to get my vim-expert friends to try spacemacs