I think i need a join not a.

Wachowiak: He uses the word “integration” but I already told him this is not the way it works

Montondo: The purpose is not leave any benenificiary out of this main database, and have a backup.

Leahman: How do i figure out why mysql keeps shutting down every few minutes?

Fowley: Bbl need to go to lunch

Rumery: DrDigital, check mysqld error log, it should contain some relevant error message – and check system log if it was not killed because of eating too much memory

Mchale: Ive been trying to , i cant find a such file, any clues to how to figure out where it is?

Mullings: Still ****ysing my DB load to benchmark/simulate. I can split the load up into categories, and was thinking for each I’d create a tool either to simulate it, or benchmark it

Brudner: The idea of the simulation is that I can run the simulation of categories a,b,c and d while benchmarking e

Trodden: I was looking at inserts into a specific table, probably one of the major categories. I logged it over 10 minutes and then graphed the rate per second. http://i.imgur.com/pr4xFru.png

Groseclose: The mean is about 380 or so IIRC. Question is, for benchmarking/simulation do I need to make the traffic equally spikey, or would a constant rate be good enough?

Thrall: For benchmark, I just probably want to push through as many inserts as I possibly can in a minute, or do 10,000 inserts and time it

Berkshire: For load simulation though, the spikes might be important, no?

Linker: Rumery sorry its CentOS. i noticed in ps aux a bunch of spammy looking email processes running on sendmail

Kurth: I shut sendmail down, i don’t really use this server email and started up mysql again and issue went away so I’m thinking spam eat all my ram killing the servers database

Arey: So I’m reconfiguring how sendmail runs now, it just needs to send out a website email time to time when ever someone signs up

Rumery: DrDigital, check syslog or where memory related kills would be logged to confirm

Bagan: Sep 10 11:25:19 openvz kernel: 38207153.320067 Out of memory in UB 18407: OOM killed process 6162 mysqld score 0 vm:838144kB, rss:154628kB, swap:20348kB

Matsushima: Lots of these with different ID’s of corse

Stodghill: You may want to put services like sendmail on a different VM if they’re going to be consuming highly variable amounts of RAM.

Rumery: Now you know for sure that it was nothing worse and can take precautions

Wisch: I have a preexisting database that I am trying to develop a read-only API for. Is it best practice to create a username with read-only access to this database? In that case, how do I do it? And will a typical MySQL server respond to remote requests without additional setup?

Sauage: I’m having a bit of trouble implementing a GROUP BY. I have the following query: http://pastebin.com/ikdgD47N. I have two types of Accommodations, Patient, and Escort, and I am trying to group these so that it displays the Patient Accommodation first and then the Escort Accommodation below it. I’ve tried doing ‘GROUP BY Escort.id, Accommodations.escort_id’ but haven’t had any luck. Any suggestions?

Ayaia: Is it possible to have a datetime with a null time and a defined date?

Cartagena: Question: How can I run 2 seperate queries, but see the results on a single view?

Decoux: Epx998: depends on how the tables in the queries are related

Serafine: Its the same query, in the table i have Failures and Success, I went to see both side by side on a count*

Farfalla: Decoux: so one query has and result =’Success’ the other result = ‘Failure’

Sloma: Hmm not sure what that just did lol

Mullens: I got 1 row returned instead of the 4 i expected

Thomison: Oh hey i got it to work

Romaine: But it didnt do what i expected

Vosmus: My union works, but sticks everything in the same columns, can i get the 2nd select to be in its own column?

Sance: Because thats what i want :

Yeary: I think i need a join not a union