Mythros: don’t use eval,.

Stuchlik: Higuchi: I really don’t know ha

Polovoy: Baxx: that’s not what ***embly means. And in any case, my example wasn’t low level

Wilkins: When I press equals, I want to be able to press it multiple times, and have it perform the calculation multiple times. 3+3 = 6. Press equals. 6+3 = 9. Press equals. 9+3 = 12.

Stuchlik: Higuchi: what does ***mebly mean in this context?

Jew: Mythros: the first step for fixing all errors is getting rid of eval.

Schumaker: What do I use to replace eval?

Bryum: Baxx: you’d have to ask Mythros that, they’re the one who used the term

Escarcega: Baxx: I have no idea how ***embly came to be in this convo

Stuchlik: Higuchi: Right sorry. I thought it had some kind of informal meaning in this context that everyone understood except for me .

Wombolt: Can we stop complaining and come together? PLEASE. I didn’t come here to argue, make enemies or friends.

Kurtenbach: I just need some help fixing my error.

Killins: Perhaps “stack” is a scary “low level” word?

Stuchlik: I’m not complaining BTW – I was just curious :

Kyle: Baxx: we were all confused I think

Tredinnick: Mythros: no one is complaining here, but your behaviour isn’t really making people want to help you.

Denzler: I can’t help it ok? I’m autistic.

Ladouce: Mythros: anyway, why are you using eval there in the first place?

Stuchlik: Higuchi: As long as theres not a secret word I’m missing out on I’m good 😛

Marchetta: If you’re gonna belittle me, I will just leave.

Sillery: Not that you would care.

Stuchlik: Mythros: Using a condition in that manner is offensive, please don’t

Sowders: Mythros, why haven’t you helped me?

Kleimola: Nobody is doubting you, but you’re setting a double standard.

Hohman: Hey Schimming can I ask you for a little follow up help from this morning? You helped me get a normalized range between 0 and 100. What if I want a different range?

Durnil: Var normalized = needle / this.max – this.min * this.colors.length;

Stoffer: Kamuela_iOS: joke’s on them, I default to enemy

Chiodo: If this.colors is an array of 5 colors, i’m trying to get a value between 0 and 4

Maurey: You’re acting in a manner that’s considered rude and telling us that we should just deal with it, but when you percieve us as being rude it’s suddenly a problem.

Bravata: You know what?! I didn’t come in here to be treated like this!

Stuchlik: Mythros: You’re going to spiral this into something it isn’t, I’m very familiar with autism, it’s not currency you can use in these situations for more expedient help

Sowders: Mythros, why aren’t you helping me?

Kealoha: I do not use it as currency! STOP JUDGING ME!

Belke: Can’t tell if trolling at this point

Perks: Trolling or a m***ive double standard. is either acceptable?

Stuchlik: Mythros: If you take 2 minutes, get a drink, read back over this thread and re ask any questions you have I’m sure everything will work out ;

Jeffress: Higuchi: as oscar wilde said, ‘we are all trolling in the gutter — but some of us are looking at the stars’

Bairo: Baxx. Baxx off and leave me alone. Stop trolling me.

Stuchlik: Someone needs time out.


Betterley: Mythros: could you please stop that? You have asked a question, people asked you for more clarification, and suggested you alternatives. You’ve dismissed the alternative, and didn’t answer the questions we asked you. And now you’re being rude to the other people in the room.

Adamcik: Mythros: don’t use eval, cause it’s evil, and GUARANTEES future problems. and if you ever did that in ‘real code’, someone like me would gladly murder your code to save the rest of us from it.