Scavotto: no, it’s the.

Shealy: Ive set the permalinks

Woodke: Krabs: Simple Backup –

Lokan: Krabs: take an *entire* site backup

Dumpert: HackHand: here are 25,700 relevant results wordpress+set+permalink+programatically&oq=wordpress+set+permalink+programatically&aqs=chrome.69i57j0l2j69i64.303j0j4&sourceid=chrome&es_sm=93&ie=UTF-8">

Abeita: But the server kept timing out

Vanosdel: HowardwLo: the field name is the name that you use the get your data. so do you do anything onthe front end like get_post_meta$post0ID, ‘myfieldname’?

Kammer: Will simple backup fix that?

Lokan: Krabs: then you look for another way to take an *entire* backup, not omit things you’d rather keep

Lokan: Krabs: do you have a vps?

Schwarzer: I moved them by hand afterwards

Jeng: Krabs: which server is timing out, the source or the target?

Sare: Scavotto: i do not, i never get this field on the front end. its just the setting to indicate which page templates these custom field should show up when creating the page

Lokan: Krabs: too late, they’re broken

Brisco: HowardwLo: there has to be some way you are defining the template on the front end?

Lossman: Scavotto: so it’s a backend/admin thing i suppose

Mansbach: Well they work when i move them, the weird thing is i cant find some, even in the original site

Faver: MadLems, the problem is most of them are related to permalink structure rather than manipulating the post permalink after publishing it. Could you please help ? 😀

Lazarine: When using chrome or anything, they work

Lokan: Krabs: you need an *entire* site backup, do***entroot + db

Py: Yes i understand i will try

Jeng: When all else fails, krabs, use FTP to download the source site and make a db backup via phpmyadmin

Lile: Doesnt explain why i cant see them in ftp though

Lokan: Krabs: pick someone to listen to and follow what they say.

Koziak: HackHand: then try googling for ‘slug’ rather than permalink

Jeng: Krabs: where are you looking?

Benzschawel: Scavotto: um…. well i select the template iwhen creating the page, and the custom fields under that group just show up? I’m not sure what you mean. i never had to specifically say “this is template default” on the front end

Mcgrory: HackHand: wordpress+set+slug+programmatically&spell=1&sa=X&ved=0CBsQvwUoAGoVChMIg53X8oHtxwIVTCoeCh20_wor&biw=1600&bih=1031">

Lokan: Krabs: i’ll be here after you’ve exhausted all options.

Knori: HowardwLo: then how does the front end know what template to use?

Peppas: HowardwLo: also curious. why arent you using the normal page template picker ui?

Seibers: Is there like a limit to the amount of files an ftp client can show in a folder?

Crapse: Scavotto: i believe i am using the normal page template picker ui

Kava: Scavotto: this thing right?

Delp: HowardwLo: then how is it a custom field?!

Taha: HowardwLo: showing it expanded doesnt help me at all.

Jeng: Krabs: I’d say start over; forget what failed and do it again

Jeng: Krabs: a different way

Laducer: Scavotto: no the location setting is an option under ACF, where that group of custom fields only show up for that specific template.

Kuhtz: Scavotto: on my page

Godlewski: HowardwLo: ok. so its the Page Attribute “template” optiont hat is always showing default when you save a post?

An: HowardwLo: you REALLY have to work out your terminology and get clearer with your explanations of what is going on

Trueblood: Scavotto: no, it’s the ACF attribute “location” option