Mmm, not sure what that.

Betancourth: Greengriminal, why wouldn’t it?

Lacassagne: Falafel_, why wouldn’t it what?

Nieder: Falafel_: yea maybe its not my javascropt but something to do wtih my rails app.

Caverly: Greengriminal, why wouldn’t it be fired on the second click?

Coven: Rubie, it seems like you could test this in isolation

Flor: Ok guys what client-side only MVC framework should I use?

Goodmanson: Im lost yes, so why don’t you hep me?

Jons: Falafel_, i’m saying that the addEventListener is only triggered if i click twice.

Werger: Example in that snippet the #execCommand is only triggered after I’ve clicked the button twice.

Thorsted: Greengriminal, could you post a demo to reproduce the issue?

Decrosta: Also, are you compiling from Coffeescript?

Bonwell: Falafel_, indeed i am compiling from CS.

Fridal: Not sure what the issue is tbh, have you tried using jQuery events instead of addEventListener?

Ring: Perhaps it behaves differently, dunno. But worth a try, it may lead you to a solution

Zalesky: Falafel_, here is the js2coffee link:

Abboud: And yeah i should consider using jQuery.

Eberspacher: But that’s *if* i have access to it.

Zalusky: That looks fine to me, but I would try to reproduce in isolation

Plough: Yeah i’ll mock something up.

Furse: If it works in jsfiddle, and not in your code, then something else is going on

Dario: Btw, not sure why you do button = undefined

Gemma: Can you set do*** from an external js file?

Karren: I’m including it like this in my body script src=”setbg.js”/script the code works just fine within script/script but when i try to include it from another file it doesnt work

Ellingson: Logan0405, it should work

Gulke: Any errors in the console?

Wiltberger: You sure the file is reached? Has the right permissions?

Hinger: In the right folder, etc.

Kneeland: Check under “Sources” in devtools

Maclauchlan: Yeah its in the same folder

Leuga: No its not an image actually

Zangger: I cant even get it to set a background color

Arney: Is the file appearing under “Sources”?

Hawke: Check the permissions of the file

Alba: Here is one fiddle that is not working for me, but should according to stackoverflow.

Junghans: Yeah linux Harnly, but im tiling an image over a background color. both work just fine inside index.html. tried to put the js code in external script is when it failed

Tossie: Logan0405, ok, I get that, I mean you should check the permissions of the file, and make sure it is readable and has the right user

Chiarello: Rubie, I get error in that fiddle in console

Kulis: Rw permissions for me

Avirett: Logan0405, then dunno, something else must be the issue. Including an external file VS putting into a script tag, it doesn’t matter, everything should work the same

Schmautz: If i take it out of the function it works fine

Arties: Err wait no it doesnt

Borycz: I wasnt sure of the implementation i wanted at first so i put it in a function

Cywinski: But i found the problem

Sadberry: Ah, well you gotta execute the function

Kipling: I’m choosing a color by time of day

Lupo: And dividing and whatnot

Holz: And by chance for the 20 mins i had it working i guess the decimals werent too long

Bzhyan: But after a while it seems the decimals that ran through it were too long for do***ent body style

Vitellaro: Mmm, not sure what that means, but glad you got it working ¯_ツ_/¯