Hey all i’m having some.

Moy: Johnsrud: That makes sense.

Johnsrud: Apparently you can use AMD gpu’s to do parallel processing somehow, although I’ve not read much into it

Ruple: Though I’m betting Elixir would be better, because you can make an Elixir cluster over multiple machines and it’ll interface almost as if it was just on a single machine.

Johnsrud: I know there’s some api docs on the amd website, but it doesn’t make much sense

Digrande: Johnsrud: you can use OpenCL with AMD

Feighan: Speaking of which. elixirconf is in a month :

Johnsrud: So with OpenCL, could I run a bunch of neural nets in parallel ?

Cutchins: Tejasmanohar: Why are you not in the Elixir channel?

Plew: Johnsrud: i’m not very familiar with neural nets, so i don’t know if that has a good m***ively parallel applicaiton

Brunn: Right now or regularly? Havvy

Billet: I don’t have “default channels” setup on my discussion client. i just go on when i want

Digness: But yeah, i should hang out there more i guess

Johnsrud: Cus’ I’ve got a HD6950 doing quite literally nothing other than display an aero theme for windows .

Marchbanks: Setup default channels.

Killeen: Prolly gonna find a new client soon anyways

Mazzariello: Ahh, but i like weechat tejasmanohar :

Johnsrud: What does the -g appendage mean when using npm install?

Fansler: Johnsrud: install globally

Amas: Johnsrud: Global install

Hourani: Install for the commands mostly.

Walt: Put the module’s bin files in your PATH

Luinstra: Kerbo: gonna try colloquy/limechat

Fiedler: You can’t require a global module

Rizor: Yeah my globals are all CLI tools

Rizor: And even then, some CLI tools you still want installed locally

Triplet: K, setup default channels ;

Feerick: Favorite es6 feature: export {thing1, thing2} from .

Agpaoa: Tcsc: destructuring ***ignment

Yant: We’ve got “import” and “export”. can we get “smuggle” in ES7?

Feerick: I mean, specifically in import though

Feerick: I havent gotten much use out of it yet in other places

Witkus: Dash: window = smuggle;

Cinalli: Let smuggle = window;

Yant: Havvy: 😀 good answer

Heikkinen: Hey I have this code which I would like to change to be more specific. Only when I type “90” I want it to change to NA not when there’s a string containing 90

Kromm: Http://jsfiddle.net/u4hghL9c/5/

Tomer: SmashingX: You seem to have that.

Viejo: Nop, if you type 809070 It will get it too

Shapin: Do you know how regexps work?

Hollow: What. why are you using regex to find out if two strings equal each other O.o

Nawwar: I just compare the length of strings

Ekas: Havvy: where should I do the === 90?

Calvello: Instead of calling isMatch.

Gerrero: Havvy: Eloquent JavaScript is a comprehensive introductory Web-based book with examples and a built-in interpreter. http://eloquentjavascript.net/

Mcwhinnie: You seem thouroughly lost.

Monte: Hi all: i’m trying to tell when a user is at the bottom of the page, for an infinite scroll. I’ve used all the suggestions on stack overflow to no avail and not sure why its not working. Here is what I’ve tried so far.https://gist.github.com/anonymous/8f77b4c43aef114a15b7

Fabert: Rubie, try posting a demo in jsfiddle

Langill: It may help people figure out the issue if they can try it out

Hayek: Hey all i’m having some trouble working out why my addEventListener is being fired on the ‘second’ click. https://gist.github.com/anonymous/55aa6b3c497db05fd4f7