It’s for finding canidate.

Corvino: Line 33 and 34 should only execute once

Huisman: It keeps creating tables with existing id’s

Chriscoe: Http://

Voltin: So i tried doing iftable’#whatever’.length !== 0 then make $table else {

Huttar: How did that work out?

Nading: It should make the table if length === 0

Sadiq: Okay made it so the tables dont dupliate

Bencomo: If$”#” + table.length == 0 { drawTable }

Torpey: But now the data is being duplicated, so now i need to just remove each row?

Kalchthaler: That sounds like it would do it

Jobson: Or you could do tbody.empty

Vanzanten: Or table.empty if there’s no tbody

Topliffe: Otherwise it leaves the tr’s just not the content

Hovantzi: Thats what happened before

Searfoss: Oh i may have been doing tbody tr 😛

Cochell: Yeah empty should work

Junkin: Okay errmano I think that worked.

Winger: I hope y’ll doing well :

Mccalpin: Wait, it doesnt update now the setTimeout works but if i change the json it doesnt update

Rinner: Could that be a caching issue?

Abee: Url: ‘./private/records.json?_=’ + +new Date,

Nageotte: Er this is weird; if i add a new a entry the rank of the first one goes up

Eisiminger: What’s supposed to happen?

Aston: It should add a new row to the game table

Knippers: But instead it doesnt add anything; the rank of the first one just goes up

Caryl: Oh wait it has nothing to do with that

Rico: The rank just goes up on its own lol

Blacksmith: Is the json being dynamically generated?

Lafferty: So everytime the json is called the rank for the first tables first entry only entry as it wont add more goes up

Barona: So it could be caching

Killay: How do i solve that with your +new Date code?

Blankenship: Change line 3 to be ‘url: ‘./private/records.json?_=’ + +new Date, ‘

Del: Http://

Spiry: Ah, jquery has a cache option for $.ajax

Jayne: Or should i use yours?

Ness: Use the ajax option, that’s more pragmatic

Gronlund: But they basically do the same thing

Hapeman: I’m not understanding why the rank is going up though

Gruett: Cache:false didnt fix it, ill try yours

Malusky: Heres the entire file includng the rank setup

Schiffmann: Http://

Damon: Oh, i think know why now; getRank is adding one

Logston: Is there a way to disable CORS in chrome or firefox on a per-tab basis?

Durand: Something looks weird at line 52/53

Severi: I was working on something and left it

Herms: Meshugga, not that i’m aware of. what’s your use case?

Hammerstein: No that works errmano

Casal: Ok, ajaxFunction and setTable are defined twice

Sessum: Oh i found it, kinda 😛

Hume: Now its adding it forever again

Otoole: Errmano: i want to access iframe.contentWindow of another doamin in the web console to see its properties

Kiss: I’m looking for whereever the event handlers for postMessage are stored

Otool: What i /actually/ want to know is, how i can find out if an iframe is listening to postMessage

Thyberg: And maybe what the messagetypes are, but i’d be satisfied to know if it’s listening at all

Klan: Again, just in the debugger, i don’t need to do this from the DOM or at runtime

Manche: It’s for finding canidate embeds for a video player