It works since a && b == !.

Hur: Dshap: please pastebin the full literal also a literal is not JSON

Fritze: I guess I need to start seeing through the difference of front and back-end in the way I approach my files

Clapper: Ironfroggy_: sorry my bad on the terminology. it’s a javascript object literal

Agurs: RonRichie, no, “every” checks that *every* element meets that condition. So what it is, is “‘some’ returns the results of ‘every’, and ‘every’ returns true if all elements meet the criteria, and the criteria is that if the element 2, the criteria is met”.

Orsak: Ironfroggy_: ahhhh i actually just discovered the problem, it’s this:***ent-writescript-throws-unexpected-token-illegal

Teitsort: Ironfroggy_: apparently the browser doesn’t realize that a string that contains “/script” is not actually closing the script tag

Michetti: Ironfroggy_: it would need to be escaped

Manasco: Agent yeah. you are right lol so it’s pretty much not doable to implement some with every hah?

Durney: Is async: false in jquery jsonp important? it’s because sometimes we get js exception error like Uncaught TypeError: jQuery110203843463684832883_144196799555 is not a function

Stuchlik: I’m trying to use this jsfiddle thing but failing miserably.

Stuchlik: Just to display two rectangles – what am I missing from there ?

Stuchlik: The code works from local files

Bolerjack: Bazjsfiddle does the onload and body html tags etc for you

Stuchlik: Bolerjack: cheers just removing

Bolerjack: Baxx, also there is not targetcanvas in there

Stuchlik: Yeah I’m jsut taking that out – it was from something else

Bolerjack: Well FTFY

Stuchlik: The target stuff was confusing things – thanks for that falafel

Holtzlander: I figured out the jsonp jquery function not a function

Russotto: Hey Bolerjack, are you there?

Kilimnik: Orrr even Dekok :-/ im pretty stuck, if any of you is around pls I just wanna ask a little something and sorry for highlighting to either of you, it’s just I can’t seem to figure out this for already 2 damn days lol

Bowle: Bolerjack my question is, is it logically possible to implement some by using every ?

Yaftali: Bolerjack basically this is what Im trying to work out, but I think there is a logic error and something doesn’t come together :-/

Bolerjack: RonRichie, I don’t think so, not if you want to maintain what “every” is about, I mean you could create a function called “every” that does something else in addition

Candon: If you negate the result and negate the condition its the same

Bolerjack: RonRichie, “some” exits early

Bolerjack: Well, you mean everynotf, xs

Gentleman: Bolerjack nah, not like that: using the actual every without additional things and then implementing some through it, probably not hah?

Bolerjack: Is that what you are saying tcsc ?

Rodrigues: This is my attempt to it and obviously it doesn’t work I mean c’mon, this is 2015, who uses hand-held mics anymore? lol

Steagall: Bolerjack: am i mistaken

Cheeves: Https://

Cumblidge: Eg. function somecoll, cond { return !everycoll, functionelem { return !condelem; }; }

Navratil: How do I try-catch Uncaught TypeError?

Brunecz: Isnt that demorgan’s law?

Bolerjack: Tcsc, ah, that’s an option I suppose, RonRichie check it

Sailors: Tcsc would you say this logic is invalid ?

Milbradt: I’m pretty confident in it but i also am mainly running on caffeine right now

Narramore: Bolerjack the thing is that my homework suggests that it’s entirely doable, it just I can’t think around it :-/

Poydras: RonRichie:

Seuss: It works since a && b == !!a !b