Does anyone know of a good.

Battershell: Rounds: you should also consider using sub domains for your sub sites.

Detro: Rounds: time to work on your google fu. that was EASY to find

Zhong: Scavotto: anyway thanks : let me work on that

Harjo: Scavotto: Why the recommendation for sub domains doesn’t fit my use case this time, but I’m curious

Mantel: Rounds: well think about pretty permalinks and directories. if you have any permalinks set up and someone creates a site that may be named the same as, say, a page, you have conflicts

Chetelat: Scavotto: ah. Yeah, that makes sense.

Abramovitz: Scavotto: Gotta hate those “wp-admin” subsites.

Busitzky: Quick question– if there are multiple wordpress instances sharing data using NFS, are there any gotchas or nfs mount options that I should know about? I have no idea how file locking works in WP

Lupfer: AnimalFarmPig: there’s not really file locking that occurs there, it would handle uploads like a typical form would where it moves the temporary uploaded file to the right location in your uploads directory. Whatever NFS you have setup should handle the uploads directory as if it’s something on the local machine

Bilder: If the NFS mount has write access by the server in question, things should in theory work just fine

Terpstra: Jphase: I’m not familiar at all with how WordPress works. It’s my understanding that user session information is stored on disk. Would there be issues about sharing user session information between multiple wordpress instances?

Lutgen: AnimalFarmPig: that’s unrelated to wordpress and simply the way PHP settings are configured

Sosna: Oh, cool, good to know. Now I know more about what I should search for

Mourning: PHP starts sessions and stores them according to your PHP settings – but sessions shouldn’t really cause you any issues

Nuckolls: NFS should act like just another drive in terms of how WP or any other part of your server sees it

Habash: That’s what I ***umed

Dermody: Any WordPress developers here?

Stelman: Dermody: this is a channel for WordPress developer support.

Dermody: Http://

Dermody: Can anyone tell me why var_dump$uploadedfile returns NULL

Rubenacker: Dermody: around line 38 of your pastebin?

Dermody: Yes line 37 is the line

Stuever: Dermody: look at the source of that settings page and see if the form tag has an enctype

Dermody: Line 54 you see the var_dump

Mixson: Dermody: on your settings page – look at the source code

Torralva: Does the form tag have an enctype=”multipart/form-data” in there where your input is?

Cline: Form tags need to have that enctype in order to post the files correctly to the $_FILES array

Dermody: So do i just add that there?

Pidcock: Oh boy jphase . you’re in for it ! lol

Dermody: Scavotto: can you just let him talk please

Dermody: I’m looking for core solutions, not workarounds

Boven: Dermody: have you considered making your own settings page instead of hooking into the settings section?

Discenza: Or is that not an option?

Dermody: This is from my own settings page

Chabaud: For my self i will never use wordpress

Dermody: Jphase: the user submits a file and that is supposed to be used for the themes logo

Dermody: It gets entered into media library, but without any title or anything

Dermody: I’m close, I’m sure it’s just a small thing

Blackmon: Dermody: do you have content in $_FILES ?

Geronime: If you var dump without the keys for example?

Dermody: Jphase: can i pm you?

Mitchum: If it’s for private links and such but I’m at work. so be courteous

Menning: Does anyone know of a good plugin for post rating? I’m using a thumbs up/down plugin and it’s o.k. but I would like one that logs in the db who pressed thumbs up so I might be able to use that data. Thumbs down data isn’t important, just the #