It seems like chokidar is.

Elvis: Pikul, no, i don’t imagine i can do it without js

Elvis: Any solution is fine.

Mate: Jordy: EventTarget.addEventListener – Web API Interfaces MDN

Caddy: And use that instead of onclick

Elvis: I would have asked in ##css if i thought a css solution was possible

Sinyard: But the function is from another script.js script, I’m working on a userScript

Winslette: So try setting up the width and height of the iframe element through javascript

Thoams: Or shouldn’t, maybe you have to do unsafeWindow.ajou.

Stanowski: Looks like it does some weird stuff and merges a window object or something like that

Dieppa: So it might work if you set it up through js instead of css

Tieszen: To be honest, I haven’t work with iframes much

Lindemann: So maybe i’m just saying non-sense

Elvis: Yeah, i really hate that we use them so heavily

Elvis: They’re a huge headache

Elvis: Only becaue they expose a bunch of browser bugs though.

Elvis: If they actually worked right they’d be fine.

Allocca: Like the P3P IE thing.

Inch: GreenJello, this is what I meant.

Kavaney: It doesn’t add the onClick atribute

Bernice: Wrap it in a function

Lorenson: But the function is hosted in a external .js script on that page, I can’t simply wrap it

Crass: I need it generated like this

Shiers: BBCodeButton.onclick = function{ ajouterBBCode’message_reponse’, ‘test’, ‘/test’, 6 };

Striker: Still doesn’t add it to the generated html button for me

Forrer: That script generates it like “button cl***=”btn btn-reduit” type=”button” title=”Test Button”/button”

Mansouri: This is what it needs to generate: button type=”button” cl***=”btn btn-reduit” onclick=”ajouterBBCode’message_reponse’, ‘b’, ‘/b’, 3;” title=”Bold”/button

Portela: You’re manipulating dom, dom is what happens after html

Maller: But it aint imposible ._.

Mate: Jordy: Using inline event handlers is bad practice and results in poorly factored, hard-to-manage code. Consider attaching your events with Javascript, instead, eg:

Gentleman: You don’t want “onclick”.

Sahara: Https:// this script adds the onclick function BUT its hard-coded I want to get the button generated dynamicaly.

Elvis: Pikul: actually adding a resize handler that resets the height to window.innerheight and innerwidth, and triggering that when the iframe loads, does the trick

Connelly: So I think that I need onclick.

Magedanz: Tcsc, good! it’s actually weird that it doesn’t try to fit the iframe size right from the start

Julien: Can I add custom atributes then.?

Gentleman: Jordy: you don’t need onclick. use addEventListener.

Elvis: Pikul: yeah. at least they’ve fixed the bug where vh units double in size every repaint or whatever it was

Elvis: Mobile safari is the worst browser

Siket: What woudld I need to listen then?

Reitzel: What is the right way to store user_ids? I think I read somewhere that setting them to primary key and auto incrementing is bad?

Adelson: BBCodeButton.setAttribute”onclick”, “ajouterBBCode’message_reponse’, ‘b’, ‘/b’, 3;”;

Mcdougall: This does the job, ty guys!

Lewton: Hmm, seems like my function only runs properly once

Gentleman: That suggests it’s stateful, mutates, or has other side effects. bad news bears.

Dunnavant: It seems like chokidar is calling the p****r a dozen times on a row