Simple ubuntu and nginx.

Wasmus: What I am doing wrong?

Cabbell: Http://

Vogeler: Turn wp debug on so you get the exact error and not just white screen

Iwasaki: Fatal error: Call to a member function add_cap on null in /var/www/html/wp-content/plugins/cst/cst-plugin.php on line 61

Maginnis: Which is the $role-add_cap ‘read’ ; line

Giove: Which p***es through just fine if I remove the new role. the new role does not seem to want to have priveleges set on it

Bertolami: I need to add some code to teh footer for when certain posts are being viewed, what’s the best action for this?

Vogeler: Veganista a conditional probably

Vogeler: Or a metabox on the post page, if you click the checkmark it adds the footer code you would bascially just edit footer.php and do an if statment

Didio: I’m looking to do it using a hook

Golston: I’m currently using the ‘wp’ action and checking against queried object

Vogeler: Https://

Gallegoz: Is wp the best hook for this sort of check?

Calabria: Or is there a more specific hook

Glady: Oh yeah, i can just check the queried object there

Tasker: Hello. I’m setting up WP-REST api plugin with a fresh install and one other plugin the creators recommended for development security called basic authentication

Zaibel: So when I use the example with curl in the basic auth. I get an http error of 302. So is it a redirect issue?

Jeng: I need to say something nice about LayerSlider. It broke sort off on two of my sites. I exchanged a couple of emails with tech support and gave them a login yesterday afternoon. They found the problem and emailed me a patch this morning. That’s good customer service!

Kholodivker: Jeng, nice to read something good about customer support. people are too easy to moan usually :

Fletchen: Is GoDaddy’s deluxe plan good for hosting multiple wordpress?

Showman: Furoido: Halcom related to GoDaddy is good for anything – let alone WordPress multisite

Gingues: Yes avoid and boycott godaddy with all your worth.

Pizzitola: Anything you can recommend?

Roumeliotis: Avoid shared hosting if you’re going for multisite wp

Donmoyer: So multisite is only good for like plain html?

Powlen: Like those html files only

Hollowell: Because godaddy’s deluxe plan, it allows multiple domain in a single host

Showman: Furoido: okay, firstly, you can point as many domains to a server as you want – and stop looking at godaddy’s pricing

Schippers: So basically, its not good for multiple wordpress installations?

Showman: You need a VPS or something most likely, where you can configure the webserver to accept several domains and map them to the right folder/location with a virtual host

Showman: Just start by closing the tab that says “” in it

Avenia: I wouldn’t recommend hosting wp on any shared hosting I know of. Halcom but bad experiences as soon as you run even one caching plugin. But honestly it depends on what kind of site it is and the traffic it’ll receive

Olveda: Just simple personal websites

Showman: Look into linode, or digitalocean, or asmallorange or something

Enright: Few traffic like about 500 visitors monthly

Mentz: 5$ starts and tweak as much as you want

Vanderlinde: I think digital ocean is advance server administration

Philbrook: What im looking for right now is that those offering cpanel and ftp

Provine: It’s not that much hard on digitalocean

Vogeler: If you use DO and are on a mac get oceanbar ;

Vogeler: Https://

Litten: Simple ubuntu and nginx with EasyEngine and point your domain that’s is site is up and running