In node, i have a server.

Oltmanns: Aschbacher: Thank you.

Hiltbrand: I write my code very hurriedly.

Aschbacher: Not sure if that is the problem though .

Celeste: Yeah I don’t think it is either but let me try.

Aschbacher: Square1: I’m saying you may have an infinite loop somewhere

Patient: What’s the best way to make array of objects {x:1},{x:2},{x:5} into array from property .x, so that comes into 1, 2, 5

Wharry: So the problem was with bad html?

Delisio: Aschbacher: ah, of course

Turbacuski: Thanks Splatt and raypulver

Konopacki: Aschbacher: object 1, 2, 5

Stephanie: Can someone explain what this syntax means?

Leverson: Nirakara, return functionnext{return functionaction{

Aschbacher: Nirakara: promiseMiddleware returns a function that returns a function

Botros: Nirakara: is that javascript? :O

Leverson: Btw, the parens for one argument are not necessary

Leverson: Same as next = action =

Coner: Thanks Leverson Aschbacher sl33k

Florek: Leverson, the parens make it clear it’s a function returning methinks?

Polzer: Aschbacher: my good parts book didnt cover it. hope i can ignore it for now? #sigh

Leverson: Nirakara, perhaps, just saying they are not needed

Parrilla: Hmm, i have created a an eventListener for ‘load’ on an image tag, it keeps spinning tho

Twiford: Sl33k, lots of changes in es6

Desormeaux: FffuuuL, i guess make sure the event is firing and your listener is receiving it

Palis: Do i have to do another thing like remove the EventListener in my Handler after work?

Fountaine: OscImg.addEventListener’load’, function {

Holmquest: Console.logsmth }; that is how it looks

Moulthrop: Do i require to do something more?

Rombardo: It spammed my console

Clougher: Particularly, I think a = b is clearer than a = b

Leverson: For currying no parens reads clearer

Aschbacher: Is currying like binding?

Sheroan: Wish we could write a b c = f a . g b . h c though

Aschbacher: I know what it means to uncurry the this arg. I do that all the time

Bruntz: Aschbacher: currying is basically turning functions on N-tuples, into N unary functions. So function adda, b{ return a + b } becomes a = b = a + b

Leverson: Aschbacher, I mean all functions take one argument and keep returning functions of a single argument

Aschbacher: Ohh okay yeah I see that a lot in Dolby’s JS

Harrington: Look i do ifimg.complete else addEventListener to it

Rossetti: But it keeps spinning,

Marro: I also add two Listener two the same element, so i read that they will get deleted if i add another one

Hercules: How can i handle this situation?

Leverson: FffuuuL, posta fiddle, not sure what you mean

Stancombe: FffuuuL: what’s img.complete? And why are you attaching many event listeners to be notified of a single thing?

Dagen: Function loadurl, cb{ var i = new Image; i.src = url; i.onload = function{ cb } } is all you need, really.

Flor: Leverson:

Leverson: FffuuuL, can you reproduce in a fiddle

Leverson: You can use some dummy image from the internet

Nash: Leverson:

Leverson: FffuuuL, this does nothing, and if I uncomment the bottom I get an error in the console

Sirk: In node, i have a server doing require’net’ and listening on a particular port, then silently exiting out after it does everything successfully. it does not wait on a connection at all. how do i resolve this?