Uhkis: in case you are.

Koepp: Done this before, before i knew to avoid it :

Brome: And if you want the “real” last line you have to do a ton of computations

Goya: And actually render the text to know the dimensions of the text

Longfellow: Basically you need to reproduce the math the browser does

Haen: Cork: I need this, because I’m maikng Emoji emoticons suggestion box, and I need to calculate position where this box should appear

Harston: Cork: suggestions just like Github has :

Wight: Toomus: it is a ton of work to do that

Shuping: The browser doesn’t expose a way to get the current caret position is px

Attal: So you have to calculate the size of each character, and where they would wrap

Neverman: Cork: I have 95% of work done :

Gresh: Except the hard part :

Pauli: I would prob just use the mouse cursor position

Volkens: And put it at the top left of the textarea if it is outside the textarea

Brugger: Cork: top position of suggestion box is pretty simple to calculate.

Abdelrahman: But the position of the caret isn’t

Brosey: Cork: I have problem with left position

Belsito: Cork: Caret plugin is very useful to find caret position

Salmeron: Hi I am using http://tamerayd.in/jquery-easyselect/ . I did exactly what do***entation said,,, but I am facing an issue which is – The characters I am putting to search there. Is staying there. While doing page reload. The input characters should be blank.

Karam: I am looking for a jquery script hopefully such a script already exists which supports tags and live-search

Bonebrake: Https://www.yogaeasy.de/videos

Sester: How can I iterate to the collection returned by this $’.easyselect-field.easyselect-profile-field’ ?

Amoss: Cork: worked. Can you tell me the difference between these 2 constructs ? https://gist.github.com/aruprak****/52bfbbf62e027b3d9a83

Baik: Arup_r: the first use .ready directly, the second uses it through the $ function

Hensler: Hi I’m after a recomendation of a plugin that takes a ul/li list and converts it in to a time line format, except I’m looking for a slim time line – is anyone awhere of one ?

Roden: Well I was trying to clear the some input field values. It did work when I kept it $do***ent.readyfunction { . but not with the other one.

Heistand: That is why I thought there might be a difference

Shetrawski: Arup_r: you’re sure you did $function {} and not function {}?

Filyaw: Cause $func === $do***ent.readyfunc

Clenney: I did $function { } ; but didn’t work that piece of code

Hoffis: Man holidays are never long enough, : heh

Murga: Taplar: After retirement . it is forever

Shattles: Wow that’s a depressing way to start the day, lol

Dajer: Hello everyone. I’ve 4 articles and now I want to add an wrapper before the first article and the last article if there’s more than 4 articles on the page, if there’s not more than 4 articles on the page then it should just ignore it, I’m trying out with .after and the .before but I can’t get it to work out. Also, I want to have the wrappers wrap every 4 article, since I’ve a row of them and I want some margin within every row

Kahal: I’m having a weird thing going on one of the pages. There is an event being fired after I click/focus an input field – tooltip appears. I cant find it in the jQuery/JS code.

Finwall: How do I trace it? Is there some break function in the console?

Laurion: I want to find it and disable it.

Wallick: Found it Chrome Inspect Console Search

Popple: Now, how do I disable it?

Thaut: Is there a way to stop the code snippet from executing?

Ingraffea: PrintForever: return false;?

Iverson: How do I remove a closing tag from .after and .before?

Mccaul: Uhkis: in case you are interested, http://drupal.stackexchange.com/questions/124219/drupal-services-3-login-and-csrf