Im sure you have a sound.

Buttz: Anyone experienced with phonegap?

Scullen: Whats the best way to return out of a nestd if statment inside a for loop ?

Schlegel: Anyone there wanna chat some js ?

Kapoi: Whats there to talk about

Fishbeck: I want to replace an element from the webpage on scroll

Desaulniers: Is there a way to output text to stdout from javascript in a chrome extension?

Gentleman: Soreau: what’s “stdout” inside chrome, exactly

Mccue: Gentleman: It’s not inside chrome, it would be output as stdout to the terminal in which chrome is running

Gentleman: Soreau: since when is chrome necessarily running in a terminal

Gentleman: On mac and windows, we just double click an icon most of the time. where’s stdout then

Kimrey: It isn’t. you can run a program that outputs to stdout without a terminal

Pasculli: What are you getting at?

Gentleman: I’m just confused. chrome extensions don’t deal with the process – just with chrome’s JS API.

Gentleman: And i also don’t understand what the purpose would be of outputting to stdout when nothing is listening to it, nor is it even being logged anywhere.

Carino: Obviously, you’d have to run it in a terminal and handle it from there, either intended for human readability or another process

Gentleman: That seems like a super edge case for a chrome extension. what are you trying to achieve exactly?

Fougere: I wanted to ask you a “should” question. What do you think about ternary expressions in general?

Durando: Is it always better to use an if/else if possible?

Gentleman: Good for trivially selecting between two values. confusing elsewhere.

Gentleman: Also, never on more than a single line.

Gentleman: Multiline ternaries are revolting

Rathfon: They seem docile to me. :3 They haven’t threatened to revolt. 😛

Vogtlin: I think this might be what I’m looking for

Gentleman: Soreau: looks like that applies only to within-the-same-process communication, but if that works for you great

Holthaus: Multiline ternary – use a freaking function

Craddieth: I love ternaries tho 3

Strzyzewski: My multiline ternaries *are* the body of functions. 😛

Paullin: You do the “return garbled mess” thing?

Triplet: I start with an opening , then indent on the next line with whatever expression structure.

Motayen: And end with a line of ;

Shepperson: It’s indented by expression.

Presa: What paste service is preferred?

Terault: I ask because I can’t remember the name of any. XD

Mate: Prohobo: Show some code, but don’t paste it on the channel. For frontend code HTML/CSS/JS, you can provide a test case that we can run, so that we can help you: use , , or . For Node.js code, use sites like and .

Sessom: Oh, pastebin, that’s right.

Baridon: It was at the top of my head.

Blais: Where do console.log”messages” go if it’s in a chrome extension anyway?

Gentleman: Heroman: yeah that’s not readable, and it’s horrible.

Gentleman: Heroman: use variables instead. they’re free

Moring: Http://

Gentleman: Yeah that’s atrocious

Levreault: Why is it unreadable? ;.;

Amedro: Because we aren’t you

Gentleman: Heroman: on another note, you should be using Array.isArray to detect true arrays in all cases.

Desantigo: Gentleman: I am. isArray is Array.isArray as a cached variable.

Brana: Im sure you have a sound structure of what it all means in your own head