Do NOT link to a dump of.

Pam: However do note that it’s kind of a bad idea to use characters special to CSS in IDs if you intend to select them.

Tosco: Pam: well I can’t seem to get the g id=”Label Layer_layer” to select :/

Mthimunye: Should $$”#Label” work?

Pam: It’s got a space in it. That doesn’t mean it has two IDs. It means it has one ID with a space in it.

Pam: Ahhughes,

Pam: Note that in JS you’d likely have to do before the space as Otherwise you just escape the space for the string content which will result in no escape slash being p***ed to the selector function.

Schlossman: Http:// What could be the reason that the height from the main div is not being used anymore and that the .col-right div overlaps?

Siqueiros: Is it because of the floating? What is the best way solving this?

Chui: Oh and, clear both is solving this I know that but why,

Jellings: Is that overlapping? there is no content after that floating div right?

Deem: Pam: nothing worked with the id’s. but I will just use g text {}

Baiera: Guest30, Contain floats: ::

Pam: Ahhughes, I posted how to make the IDs work.

Pam: So either you didn’t read it or.

Pam: But it would be far better to fix them to not have spaces.

Pam: No, it totally worked. I posted a working paste.

Deblieck: Your example worked, but not on mine :

Pam: Then you did it wrong.

Bayard: Pam: actually it works! just need extra in js and need to remove it in the css declaration. Huge thanks!

Schmied: Hi guys : When I want to have a horizontal gradient like start-white-33%-grey-33%-white-end, is there some easy way to accomplish that?

Schmied: Something like that, background: linear-gradientto right, #000 0%,#AAA 33%,#000 66%, #AAA 100%;

Kyle: Iaj ## make a testcase people can help you with, Preferred live pastebins:

Tezak: What is the best way to create forms ‘without’ labels?

Ultreras: Use then and hide them for SEO ? or just don’t generate them?

Eddins: You should create forms ‘with’ labels

Eddins: Otherwise…how would someone know what the form field was for?

Haydel: I have a code but im not able to execute it correctly there is no error and i copied it from here

Schieber: I wrote all jss css and html in one file like this

Loffler: If i have a full width/height div with a background image, then a full width/height div within that which has a background color. is there a way I could cut out shapes from the div with the background color on to reveal parts of the background image?

Depasquale: Curses : may be this helps

Dilts: Siddharth030: they’re very specific shapes unfortunately : i can’t figure a way around it without using svg

Hume: Curses: I am sorry to waste your time I thought may be that helps you

Knous: Siddharth030: no problem :

Stong: Devalle : have you read fully whats the problem please help

Eddins: Siddharth030: ‘execute it correctly’ means what, exactly?

Langolf: I did that in my pastebin url just copy it and execute it

Hinkey: Its not showing the pie chart i want to see

Bolin: I cannot figure out mistake

Eddins: Please make a testcase displaying the CSS that doesn’t work, using a pastebin like codepen that you linked to

Rivett: I have given link already

Sage: Http://

Eddins: Do NOT link to a dump of sourcecode