Higuchi: but it *looks*.

Paar: What about node.js though?

Varajas: You can use node if you want

Jeannotte: People use it often for websockets

Catacutan: Yeah I got it installed but

Kostecki: Not sure how to run node with my browser

Baltimore: Im trying to make a client though

Trahern: Node runs on your server / computer, not within the browser

Magaddino: Node would be used to create the server

Vanbelle: Client would be “regular” js, like on a web page

Kem: I just installed nodejs as well.

Tolosky: Is there a simple way to do a live view with node, instead of restarting server all the time.

Seraille: Phale, http://blog.modulus.io/build-your-first-http-server-in-nodejs

Leyland: Node just runs javascript code, you need to set up a server which listens for requests

Rothmiller: Phale: Node.js is a platform for writing applications. Just like CPython is a platform for writing applications. In either case, *YOU* have to write a websocket server on top of that.

Akal: Phale: if you’re already using python, just use a python library that does it.

Sirico: Phale: e.g.: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/websockets

Guevera: Python sorta ****s in terms of web sockets though

Sol: Dekok: but i have to rewrite my code

Quandel: Hi guys real quick are arrays initialized to null if given no value?

Gutteridge: Each websocket is blocking iirc

Clan: Well, it’s a TCP server that receives and sends packets

Ringwald: Blik71: hmm? they are just empty

Pilkinton: You need to use greenlets / Widrig or something with Python, or it will be blocked, iirc

Vanert: Phale: in either case you have to “rewrite” it then

Terre: Okay so its up to me to initialize it then, thanks

Fu: Renlo, you can do async IO without problems in Python, in the last version the language also gained async/await

Blackerby: Dekok: says its for python 3

Sovak: The difference is whether you want to rewrite it in Python, or rewrite it in JavaScript. The Python route looks simpler to me, since your application is already written in Python

Delahoya: Phale: you can try finding another library that implements the specification for Python 2.

Mentkowski: Oh okay, I can dynamically size it then?

Schluneger: Like add and remove things?

Wernick: Phale: or you can use a different platform.

Windom: Hannibal_Smith: i need to upgrade to python 3!

Murrey: Im still stuck in 2.7 land

Sponaugle: Renlo, in Python2 era I did withsocket ontop of gevent

Chyle: Var foo = ; foo.push5; foo.push6; console.logfoo; foo.pop; console.logfoo;

Wakley: Higuchi: undefined; Console: 5, 6, 5

Crazier: Why is every language getting async/await? It’s a bad idea :/

Prosenick: Today is obsolete 😛

Schwass: Yes, hence the greenlets meh

Koskinen: I remember when things like Tornado was considerated innovative 😛

Bulkley: Dekok: its just sugar on generators, yea?

Ockmond: Why is Array bad tho?

Cutler: Higuchi: not really. Though that’s one of the ways of implementing it.

Sawyer: Can anyone tell me how to open this pageguide using some javascript versus clicking the launch button?

Sawyer: Https://github.com/tracelytics/pageguide/blob/master/js/pageguide.js

Rippentrop: Higuchi: it’s bad because it doesn’t really compose well. E.g.: async function{ return await foo.mapasync functionx{ return await px } } is not possible to write.

Condiff: Oh jesus keyboardevent.keycode is deprecated?

Rewerts: Higuchi: but it *looks* like it should be possible.