How come in WordPress, when.

Lokan: If i had a job offer that involved visual composer or some kitchen sink theme, my only option would be “so what are we replacing this junk with?” . otherwise. i’m walkin’

Lokan: Noahmg123: you need a account

Lokan: And you need to be logged into it

Cadena: Opsec: it said the email was sent

Jeng: Opsec: we have the meeting to discuss the new design and functionality next week. Looking forward to it, as well as redoing the architecture around the product taxonomies

Lokan: Noahmg123:

Lokan: Noahmg123: make sure you’re logged into first

Millon: Jeng: as a dev what would you use instead of VC?

Jeng: Noahmg123: we work out a design and I develop. Occasional custom shortcodes may be needed or CPTs for stuff that needs to be very specifically formatted. But it’s code, not drag’n’drop

Forsmann: Opsec: I get “You’ve already been invited to Go there to log in.” I go there and it says I do not have an account.”

Maccord: Thanks Doro, that put me on the right track :

Lokan: Noahmg123: what is your username? noahmg123?

Novo: Fuf: Good. That plugin changed my life.

Lokan: Noahmg123: how are you trying to login to slack?

Iles: Opsec: Ok, it said be sure to login with your email

Fuhrman: Opsec: and it says no account

Lokan: Noahmg123: i asked 2 questions above.

Maccord: Is it a terrible idea from a security point of view to use a site like this? wordpress-search-replace-domain/">

Grainger: Opsec: I see. just a moment

Cousino: Fuf: Google result for interconnectit search replace – wordpress-databases/">

Giel: Opsec: can I pm you my username?

Lorna: Fuf: Google result for wp-cli search replace –

Lokan: I’m going to get coffee.

Hoiness: Opsec: Just for privacy. I don’t what it in the open chat and looged

Lokan: I do love road blocks to helping.

Lokan: It’s not privacy, just making things difficult for yourself ;

Duncan: A man should not have to declare his username

Lokan: That’s your slack wp email.

Kaup: Opsec: that email does not work

Macauley: It says I have no accont there

Meahl: Rapid: Wordfence Security –

Buzard: Opsec: I tried the email. it said I have no account at

Mcgruder: Hi, how do I go about adding a hook to “dynamic_sidebar”?

Lokan: Noahmg123: i added this on the main slack help channel: hello, there’s a wordpress user in Vache on chat/discussion with the nick “noahmg123” and the nick of “nmgwp” . he claims he signed up for slack over a year ago and never received the email and cannot request another.

Lokan: Noahmg123:

Lokan: That’s the slack help

Mildenhall: Opsec: I’ll try that. But last time I contacted slack via email they said they could not help.

Lokan: Noahmg123: i’d need more info than that

Termilus: Opsec: let me find the email real quick

Lokan: Noahmg123: if you truly want to solve it you can’t give up, you need to stay on top of it

Lokan: There’s definitely a solution

Snowder: Opsec: slack emailed me back with “I’m afraid we don’t have any control over when, or to whom, other Slack teams choose to send invitations.”

Farrington: And “As for the invitation to the WordPress Slack team, you’ll simply need to be in contact with them to find out if you’re able to join that team. Good luck!”

Dermody: How come in WordPress, when using jQuery