Because generating svg from.

Barut: Thats mine:

Rosano: But I only found out about them after I’ve put a year of development into it already

Ruhoff: Can anyone see anything wrong with my proposal to use regex replace instead of exec?

Reagor: Http://

Mapes: Hi, is there a way to return data from the function run when a postMessage is recieved?

Carson: Gajus: why don’t you just use a while loop as the mdn docs suggest?

Paulhus: Jslave: “⭐”.codePointAt0 //can i somehow use the keyboard to type in the code and receive the unicode char? like pressing the ALT key for ASCII

Paulhus: Jslave: “♔”.codePointAt0

Scarpaci: Guys I’m having a hell of a time getting window.postMessage to work. can I see what eventlisteners are bound to window? I tried window.postMessage”foo”, “*” in the popup

Wojtecki: Kossack, you can see it with a developer console

Mizukami: How? I mean I know to console.log events and such

Carson: Zumba_addict_: I hate requirejs

Alvin: Tell me why morenoh149

Sardo: Zumba_addict_: did you try browserify yet?

Zapalac: At my last job, the app I built used browserity

Issler: But i used yeoman so I didn’t get to learn it, it just included it

Carson: Zumba_addict_: wasn’t able to grok it honestly. I prefer browserify or webpack but webpack is more than the module system

Chamberlain: Here’s some code to poke around at.

Carson: Spent a week trying to get it to work and gave up

Gutman: At my new job, the app is already built few years ago. I don’t have a chance to change it. However, we are planning to move towards ES6, React, Flux, webpack, etc

Mate: Oddity: Date – JavaScript MDN

Ysaguirre: Damn how can I tell if a regex is valid with a regex? :c

Knabe: It’s hard to explain the why I cannot just try and catch

Dohrman: Kossack, on firefox you can inspect an element with the dev console

Wanta: Most regex pattern will work in command line sed

Vanlandingham: Right click on it then examine element

Stram: Meithal what you are saying is to inspect the “window” object?

Wombacher: Then you will see the do***ent tree

Ernandez: Going back to requirejs. It was already being used. I just looked at how they configured it and learned it quickly. It’s like php’s include

Fitsgerald: Meithal what does that have to do with determining the eventlisteners?

Gavitt: And event bound to body will have a small button

Wrobbel: They made aliases in index.js file and on other files, they used that alias

Myart: What’s the opposite of undefined in javascript

Morber: I’m sure chrome has something similar, can’t find it though

Strid: Zumba_addict_: it’s not really like PHP’s include.

Lanton: And if it was, it’d be a very bad idea

Tercero: So here is what I noticed. It used define and we refer to the alias then it creates that object

Faurote: Kossack, yeah on chrome you have a tab event listeners

Ostler: Like this code taken from one of our js files, this is line 1. define’jquery’, function$ {

Trial: On the element you select in the do***ent trre inspector

Laplante: Since it’s my first time learning requirejs, it seems nice. I haven’t seen the dark parts of it

Hookano: What are few great features of Browserify that puts requirejs to shame?

Levins: Meithal oh i found it thanks

Sperier: But why the heck i need js for even the most trivial bar graph in svg?

Nishio: Because generating svg from raw data requires something?