Js. everything is a float.

Felipe: Anything you want to be dynamically rendered in the browser requires javascript.

Schlicker: Okay maybe you guys can help me with this. i think it’s a scope issue. so I am doing something like window.addEventListener’message’, this.handleMessage; it seems though it won’t register if I use a “this” scoped function

Nishio: Kossack: this.handleMessage is a function, but “this” changes by the time that function is invoked. use function msg { this.handleMessagemsg }, or bind

Realbuto: Okay or double arrow right?

Gerbitz: What is the normative way of handling this situation? https://jsfiddle.net/f557bLq4/1/ gecko does erase the style property, webkit since a recent update does not.

Wardrup: Kossack: window.addEventListener’message’, this.handleMessage.bind this

Birdine: Yay :3 my library works so well 3

Bloomer: What is your library Felishia ?

Berkenbile: Renlo heh uh. react is like, bro, I’m already doing this for you. Warning: bind: You are binding a component method to the component. React does this for you automatically in a high-performance way, so you can safely remove this call. See AuthorizeTwitter

Cordier: Renlo, Json input of data 😮

Thim: Either way didn’t work though :

Duchesney: I’m going to publish it soon :3

Peppel: Kossack: what do you mean by ‘didnt work’ ?

Virgile: I hope it’s not so bad :p

Brola: Felishia: what does it do with json?

Alstott: It’s basically an user friendly way to ask for JSON input

Sweeny: You want a certain json data input with certain specifics, however you cannot just ask an user to input the json theirselves, that’s stupid

Youssef: So you create an interface that catches their input and construct the json

Vandezande: The user inputs the data in a form and then it converts it to json?

Anderl: Using mocha, should I name the test file with _unit_ tests “unit.js” or “spec.js” or “test.js” in directory test/ ?

Braziel: The difference is that I support all sort of structures

Schoneck: Is there a recommended or usual name for it?

Ordones: Renlo well attempt with your code, the event listener didn’t register in chrome. however I did window.addEventListener’message’, function { this.handleProviderWindowClose }.bindthis; and that did register it but it’s not firing the event.

Puffinburger: Basicall what I said there. more or less with my bad json

Shankle: Anyone here ever done receipt printing from a web-app?

Zullig: Nishio, renlo, i have labels and data prepared, nothing to generate from raw data

Mancias: Don’t mind the different function name

Oyler: Is that I’m asking for an object which can be {“input”:true} {“input”:false} {“input”:”Some string with more than 10 characters”} {“input”:”an”,”array”,”of”,”string”}

Michie: Because it builds json and it’s built from json I made a builder with itself :p

Bapties: Kossack: how do you know it’s not registering the listener

Bousum: Renlo in chrome to the right it shows event listeners in “sources”

Rodemeyer: Https://gist.github.com/Kossack/d9df87cda465331a0c66 updated code btw

Tablada: That is only being registered when something is clicked

Care: Ya I click it and test

Hinshaw: Oh wait does the event listener have to be bound before the window is poppedup?

Landford: When you clicked it and it didnt register, was there an error

Johansing: It depends on what you are trying to do

Schroer: Just window.postMessage from popup

Gumbel: This is some type of oauth thing isnt it

Sam: Hm, i have less than 1 pageview per session in GA

Saglibene: 0.99 pageviews per session to be exact

Shellum: Not even sure how that can happen

Kotzen: Js. everything is a float!