Xedecimal: so, when the.

Quandt: I need it like this so when we go to mobile it will be still in the middle of that caption

Stallones: Ill screenshot what i need

Popovitch: Https://goo.gl/QvrlrM

Mccarvy: So the keep it at all times in the mid

Dul: Will i need to put three divs and display table table cell and vertical align middle that

Gilvin: Or is there any smarter way

Veneman: Here’s an approximation http://jsfiddle.net/780ch4hd/3/

Veneman: Wait, what? the screenshot on mobile is what you _want_? or what you don’t want?

Shawl: But i have already done what you did myself like that i wanted to see if there is smarter way to do this

Andreozzi: I will also need to modify right left to stay closer

Trembly: T-Rex_, Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line – don’t use the “Enter” key as punctuation!

Vandervelden: Trying to find out several well a one solution where i will not need to modify right top

Seltz: But seems i will have to go that way

Simkins: Can anyone identify this pre-processor language: https://dpaste.de/qwJy

Veneman: Well, thanks for wasting my time

Lukaszewicz: You were a very good sport

Megown: I would not call it a wasted time

Veneman: Goid: looks like Stylus maybe?

Veneman: T-Rex_: too late. you asked a question you already knew the answer to, and made me come up with the answer you already had. that’s a big fat waste of my time

Harnar: Veneman: Except it’s prefixed with a ‘:’

Taha: Maybe an old version? I am not familiar with stylus

Agosto: But you still deserve a thank you

Sklar: So thank you mate and take it easy

Veneman: Goid: dunno then. what do the docs of the project say?

Brucki: Veneman: i looked in readme and there’s nothing. no project specs. pretty lame development practices.

Veneman: So, i might suggest not using it then

Stearne: Veneman: they also named all of these files .s***, but this is clearly not s***

Tomasino: Veneman: oh this is for work. this is their project theme. no choice.

Veneman: Maybe it’s a very old s*** version? everyone should be using scss now anyway

Flummer: Veneman: that’s my thought. I guess the conversion wouldn’t be too difficult.

Nazaire: Does anyone know why this svg doesn’t scale in IE? http://jsfiddle.net/tptoLber/2/

Arreguin: Anyone know of a way to have 3 rows in 1 column, squished vertically 100% of parent that can expand? I mainly have a little panel on the bottom that I need to grow/shrink while the middle area scrolls and the top has an input that won’t be scrolling

Lagerman: Reading up on vertical accordion

Gautreau: Xedecimal: got picture of what you’re after?

Robeson: Making a screenshot of what I have.

Jack: Ok, this is super ugly but. http://imgur.com/DssASWC

Piccuillo: The list in the middle needs to have it’s own scrollbar, but those button at the bottom could be 1/2/3 levels hight

Buege: High even, or the screen can be smaller and the buttons can grow vertically by quite a bit

Tarnoff: So, I’d normally display: fixed; the bottom and then padding-bottom or margin-bottom the list and overflow: auto to give it some scrollies

Spinn: But, I don’t have a height to set the margin or padding to, either it’ll be too much or too little depending on the height of the lower buttons

Karger: Xedecimal: you could, simply position those dots, using some percentage of the parent

Paluch: I’m about ready to throw some js at it

Ladner: That’d get an exact measurement

Swenor: Xedecimal: so, when the parent height shrinks, their position, will also reflect that percentage change, well, specifically the top position, say you have 10 dots, in a container, then top: 10%; right: 0;