I am finding it a vast.

Mafnas: Scavotto: Well I’ve just overridden it at the css level using !important. Not ideal since something is *****ing with that video.

Delce: Ok yeah gravity forms is a pain. ugh.

Colabella: Sexywoodenspoon: ok then

Nickens: Just felt you’re being a little rude ‘s all

Singharath: Wow. wtf is up with people today?

Merrigan: Doesn’t matter, discussion + emotion never works

Jeng: OK, something positive I posted this morning: I need to say something nice about LayerSlider. It broke sort off on two of my sites. I exchanged a couple of emails with tech support and gave them a login yesterday afternoon. They found the problem and emailed me a patch this morning. That’s good customer service!

Mohrbacher: Jeng: that same problem as the other day?

Jeng: Yup. ’twas a bug in their code.

Lockbaum: Any word on a new release?

Jeng: They didn’t say. If you run into the same problem, I’ve got the PHP to fix it. :-

Contreres: Jeng: should post the patch to their git or their support forum

Harness: Instead of just waiting

Dickensheets: Ugh, why do people not do***ent every filter in their plugin

Habel: Bero: dunno. minimally it should be listed with it’s reference line number and page

Annala: Had to dig through the gforms source to find the filter I needed

Witham: Doesn’t seem to be do***ented anywhere except for changelogs

Lokan: Makes gravity just look like a “contact form” plugin.

Mcdoe: Gforms is in our stack and we need salesforce integration

Ladonne: Looking at gforms source now and I wanna hurl

Kimel: WTF now I’m having issues with some videos that are being stretched to about 700px high with no apparent reason – original is 432px Odd. anyone had any interactions with wp’s embedded video player?

Jeng: Where are they coming from? Youtube? What’s the URL of your page?

Lanzer: Sexywoodenspoon: you’re really going to have to deploy to some server so we can see what you’re dealing with

Venzke: Otherwise its really stabbing in the dark her e

Lamphear: Responsive, height relative to width ?

Faul: No need. Figured out what *this* issue was

Malzhan: The video itself has big black bars top and bottom

Jedik: Marketing department at their finest. Order 10 in-depth product videos – each one in a different format, size, bounding, filmed with different cameras

Milla: Weird. em tags seem to have been automatically added to all caption text for images in my media library

Lokan: Sexywoodenspoon: welcome to reality, where companies just hire people willy nilly because they have no one actually qualified to know what to look for in a prospective candidate

Lokan: Sexywoodenspoon: i was just asked today for the x’th time the same question i’ve already answered.

Avilez: Plus the person in charge of marketing is a complete moron anyway

Joswick: Opsec: hahaha used to work biotech software development, and occasionally picked up internal IT tickets. wow

Lokan: The problem is the lady asking doesn’t know what she’s asking, and doesn’t know how to interpret the answer

Lokan: This place literally has no idea what either hand is doing.

Opoien: We make things more and more idiot proof, but they keep making better idiots

Codell: I have found that the VAST majority of “professionals” in whatever industry are just hacks. Literally ANY industry . its rare to find people who are actually good at what they do

Lokan: They’re both just flailing around trying to grab “tech” . because “tech!”

Quezergue: Scavotto: can’t say that about the vast majority but certainly a larger percentage than I expect. Had a few hilariously bad anti-tech managers

Reifsnyder: I am finding it a vast majority. across industries. Even outside of the tech world.