Whatever you wanna.

Eddins: If you’re sure that’s the selector

Eddins: Debugging print stylesheets is annoying – but the chrome devtools make it less so because you can emulate print now

Schumaker: Okay, now here’s the advanced question . how do I remove that?

Brimer: I see it’s inherited from .container

Boose: How are you managing different styles how links are coloured, etc?

Eddins: Kristian_on_linu: .footer .container {max-width: none;}

Cripe: Which pastebin do you people prefer?

Schrott: Eddins thanks I made a silly goose mistake, like most css mistakes

Brookshire: Kristian_on_linu, Preferred live pastebins: http://jsfiddle.net/http://codepen.io/http://paste.asmcbain.net/http://www.webdevout.net/test/

Rio: I think I found the original code:

Supnet: Some people dislike pastebin.com because of the ads

Goheen: Ive got adblock. and for functional pastes, yes use a fiddle or pen ofc.

Brzuchalski: And because it doesn’t have a live preview

Polizzi: I dislike pen for some reason, it seems clunky

Brzuchalski: I like jsbin the best

Kjolseth: There are many bins in which to paste

Fujimoto: Eddins: care to point out where in the code I should edit?

Stoyanoff: It’s very unreadable, methinks

Ohrnstein: Can I get a 2nd pair of eyes to help me suss out why the my down arrow icon isn’t switching to up when I open my accordion?

Chain: Http://codepen.io/anon/pen/QjjLxb

Zephier: It’s in the H5’s ::after pseudo element

Kienle: NitroLiq: why would it

Veneman: NitroLiq: where’s the active cl***?

Kaller: Hang on a sec. I may have the answer

Engelmann: Meh, I was looking at this: http://zurb.com/building-blocks/accordion-with-arrows

Mannarino: I’ll figure it out in the morning

Quaglieri: Could someone help me get rid of the horizontal scrollbars on this snippet please : http://codepen.io/0rf30/pen/WQQNvx ?

Blaisdell: Orfeo: try setting overflow: hidden; on body

Daugereau: Or body {overflow-x:hidden}

Gitzen: Or just overflow-x for that matter

Binks: If I need to scope down to a certain div, how would I do that like this “.settings div div div-child2”

Margolies: Claytonzaugg, CSS ‘:nth-of-type’ pseudo-cl***: http://www.w3.org/TR/css3-selectors/#nth-of-type-pseudo

Veneman: You can, but that looks terrible. add a cl***

Eddins: Or nth-child, it depends on the HTML

Witczak: Claytonzaugg: what are you trying to grab from .settings down?

Marshbanks: In jquery I know this is CSS I’m trying to select a particular cl*** that falls under this branch, and simply selecting the 2nd div, not the first, would be a lot easier for me

Rosecrans: Claytonzaugg: so. .the 2nd div with THAT cl***?

Rewenko: That’s it : Thanks everyone! Also, while I’m at it, when I drill down that far, how would I select the input checkbox to see if it’s checked or not?

Veneman: The same way you would if you didn’t drill down that far

Freedman: No, sorry, I meant like inputtype=”checked” is that correct syntax?

Spera: Got it, thank you guys!

Petchulis: Claytonzaugg, Tutorials: http://web.archive.org/web/20150411193100/http://css.maxdesign.com.au/selectutorial/ http://flukeout.github.io • Spec: http://www.w3.org/TR/css3-selectors • Try yours out: http://gallery.theopalgroup.com/selectoracle • Find yours: http://selectorgadget.com • See: specificity

Veneman: Inputtype=”checked” would select input type=”checked”

Barlow: Input:checked claytonzaugg

Readinger: Input:checked or input:unchecked?

Serravalli: Inputtype=”checkbox”:checked

Lann: Whatever you wanna select