Anyone know how to.

Lokan: But you should have the bare minimum of experience with each to make an informed decision

Pavlovich: I guess someone must have that experience in this channel!

Lokan: Saying you “don’t have time” is incorrect. in the time you’ve been here you could have installed them all. they’re all free and take moments to download and setup.

Yarber: For our own cases, sure, but we don’t know you =

Trube: Downloading /set up is not a issue

Lokan: They’re all installed similarly

Cardozo: Even if I’m more comfortable with WordPress than Joomla, doesn’t mean you’ll be the same, snowflakes 😀

Annonio: Issue is understanding the underground concepts of each of them

Lokan: They all have a config file and a database

Lokan: Magento and oscommerce are *made* with commerce in mind

Lokan: For joomla, drupal, wp. commerce is an afterthought.

Quickle: What was beforethought?

Lokan: It can be done with any of them.

Lokan: Lok: anymore wordpress questions?

Jeng: Are we having fun yet?

Selakovic: Guys i need some help, I need to query posts by category. What’s best way to accomplish this?

Lokan: Mirko_: ever seen ?

Beine: Opsec: no, what’s that?

Lokan: Https://

Repoff: Wp_query has a param named ‘taxonomy’ and ‘terms_’ anyway

Lokan: Try playing with it, it’s a tool for code generation and learning, syntax, functions, hooks, etc

Jellerson: Hi any has this problem ?

Cracchiolo: I only have 3 plugins installed and they have Halcom todo with the admin dashboard

Lokan: Cannap:

Lokan: Cannap: disable slamming paint in chrome

Yanagi: What is slamming paint

Lokan: Cannap: see the link, fix is listed.

Jeng: Hardware acceleration gone flooey

Lokan: Disable slamming paint, restart chrome

Jeng: Rumors are it will be fixed in version 46

Lokan: Chrome breaks every other release

Lokan: Not uncommon. had no tray icon 3 releases back

Robare: Ah i fixed this with the php code

Lokan: Php is not going to fix it

Lokan: The issue is intermittent

Viale: Https://

Jeng: Cannap: hardly seems worth modifying sites when it will be fixed soon.

Evener: I learn this twig stuff

Milsaps: Then i think i can work with wordpress again

Quintas: Opsec: how did you said, what’s the name of software? Sorry I have installed tmux and now I can’t scroll in my irssi client :

Lokan: _mirko_: it’s not “software”

Lokan: It’s a site that will generate wordpress specific code for you based on your parameters.

Lokan: It can help you learn syntax, wp functions, hooks, filters, etc.

Tatro: Anyone here hosting on windows server and using web.config file? I am having issues with pretty permalinks conflicting with location redirects

Donlyuk: It is dead in here today

Lokan: No relevant questions.

Plocher: It’s only dead if you let it die . -.-

Belue: Has anyone ever seen a wordpress install on a windows box running IIS where MySQL took about 30 minutes to start up?

Lokan: WordPress does not affect mysql startup

Rosen: Starting SQL can be slow depending on size, resources etc

Whitinger: Anyone know how to correctly write 301’s in web.config while maintaining pretty links?