This is for browser plugin.

Sharpnack: We can make use of outline

Malas: Sigdk: Well you could calculate the computed rules for every possible combination of any amount of stylesheets out of those that are on the page currently.

Malas: Then take away any that don’t make a difference to the computed styles.

Malas: Computed styles/rules, same thing in this case

Sharpnack: Lol misunderstood the requirement

Malas: As for the scripts. you should be able to figure it out by looking at what content is being used.

Malas: I mean, is being put on the page*.

Malas: Sigdk: Should not be difficult to automate with JS provided you have sample content that has everything you need to support.

Sharpnack: Wahibdon_ —-,css,output — invloves the use of background color though

Sharpnack: Wahibdon_ wait what do u really need

Sharpnack: Downsides of fluid images ? anyone?

Sarr: Is there a way to justify flex items in a flex container such that there is equal space between the borders of the flex container and between each item?

Kallfelz: Very much like justify-content: space-around, except that that has too little space between the items on either end, and the borders

Piluso: Exactly half of the space

Luczynski: So basically this is what justify-content: space-around looks like:

Rittle: Ropo: depends on what you mean by fluid; likely none

Llanez: This is what I want it to look like:

Hojnacki: Is there a way to do this?

Sharpnack: Oh sorry, no dont think so

Delasbour: It looks like there is a way to “cheat” it with ghost elements bookending the flex items

Liegler: Http://

Behl: However I’m trying that now and it still looks off. There now seems to be *too much* space on either end

Yunker: Aha! I was still doing space-around and not space-between

Ludera: Jrajav: I always recommend this:

Foxworth: I actually prefer the guide in the Polymer docs though

Greig: Not specifically about flexbox per se, but Polymer’s flex attributes:

Schacherer: And then I refer to MDN for specifics of attributes not covered

Stagno: Could someone explain why there is a whitespace between the text here?

Burgueno: It didn’t happen previously but started to occur after we switched to css columns.

Wykle: Oh, polymer offers javascript-based layouting?

Juris: The relevant css is added by mw-prefixindex-body cl***.

Moisant: It does get fixed with column-gap 4.5em+ values but I’d like to know the root cause if possible.

Bonny: Lemondom_: It’s not Javascript, more like HTML-based, in the templates

Shimasaki: Lemondom_: In Polymer 0.5 you could add attributes to your HTML elements inside your templates that would automatically apply flex and layout styles like ‘fit’ for pos: absolute, top/left/right/bot: 0

Haerter: Lemondom_: In 1.0 they are now more contained, inside of a Polymer element called iron-flex-layout, though you can still use it in a mode where it applies the same automatic styles, but via cl***es instead of attributes for performance reasons

Burchard: But yes presumably Javascript runs to apply them

Koeppe: Glaisher: Disabling -webkit-columns on .mw-allpages-body, .mw-prefixindex-body fixes it but I guess you already knew that

Wisecup: How to override ::before{ content : ‘.’; } ?

Dery: Content: “foo”!important doesn’t seem to do it

Theall: This is for browser plugin context, trying to override site styles